Robin Sharma on Why You Should Rest More Than You Hustle

Conversations from the Heart - November 20th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Exciting Guests, Growth, Lifestyle, Healing

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About the Episode

When life brings you difficulty, what can you do? If you feel held back, sluggish, or stuck in a rut, where can you turn? First, you can be kind to yourself. Second, you can make actionable changes in your daily routine and watch your world transform!

In today’s episode, Rachel is joined by Robin Sharma. A world leader in personal mastery, best-selling author, and the genius behind The 5am Club, Robin has inspired millions, including Rachel, to rise at 5am and experience the magic hour.

This year has been challenging for so many of us, and we are all impacted by the struggle all around. But, there is hope! Periods of destruction and disruption bring an opportunity to leave with more wisdom, more creativity, and more healing. Will you take advantage of it? Remember that all change is hard at first, messy in the middle - but beautiful at the end. It comes with knowing when to work, when to rest, and when to rise.

Don’t miss out on this powerful time of transformation and healing! Tune in as Robin shares the benefits of rising at 5am, how to create long-lasting change in your life, and the way you can feel the magic for yourself.

Key Takeaways

  • Dramatic change is what brings you to the next level of consciousness and humanity. Don’t make excuses - we all have the ability to adapt to change.
  • The best time to make a change in your life is when your world feels as if it’s falling apart.
  • Be kind to yourself when going through challenging times - we all have periods of growth and periods to fall back, to rest, and to restore.
  • Social media is a beautiful servant but a brutal god. Make sure you are using online platforms as a tool - and you are not a slave to them.
  • All change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and beautiful at the end. You have to be willing to stick with it and do the work.
  • There is magic in the air in the early morning hour from 5 to 6am. Don’t miss it!

About Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is a best-selling author of many books, including the 5am Club, and has sold over 15 million copies in 92+ languages making him one of the most widely read authors of our time. As one of the world’s premier speakers on Leadership and Personal Mastery, Robin was a former lawyer who quit his job and started self-publishing books at Kinko’s.

The 5am Club took Robin 4 years to write, but has sparked a movement around the world of early risers who make the most of their day, and create long-lasting change in their lives.