Riding An Emotional Rollercoaster - The Journey Back To Aruba

Conversations from the Heart - September 3rd 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Lifestyle, Family

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About the Episode

Rachel has had a rollercoaster of a week! After traveling back to Aruba, leaving Ringo behind in Sweden, learning he ran away and more, she has been to the depths of despair and back more times than she can count.

If you’re also feeling scattered, ungrounded, and unable to grasp all the emotions coming at you, this episode begins with a meditation that will bring you from chaos to calm. The journey to get there is through dropping the resistance and finding self-acceptance.

After our minds are a little quieter, it’s story time! Rachel recounts everything that happened over the past week in chronological detail. What happened at the airport? Why did Ringo run away? She even discusses her chat with an animal psychic!

Tune in to learn Ringo’s true feelings about staying in Sweden for a few months before he is reunited with his family. Today’s episode really has it all!

Key Takeaways

  • Sometimes life gets the best of us. Instead of striving for a sense of grounding, let yourself be in your body. It will automatically tether you to earth.
  • Don’t forget all the tools you have access to when you need to ground. Come back to them again and again!
  • Allow the chaos and allow the mess, but notice the signs and patterns they hold. The learnings are found there.
  • We have a deep connection with animals, and they are more similar to us than we may think. They sense our pain, and they can feel it too.
  • If you have a pet that you cherish, go give them some love right now!