Put Your Phone Down - How To Minimize Your Screen Time and Make Your Devices Sacred

Conversations from the Heart - December 11th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Lifestyle, Self-Love

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About the Episode

Are you struggling to find boundaries with your phone, your apps, or your devices? Are you constantly scrolling with no actual purpose?

Your phone should be a tool to connect, find inspiration and communicate with loved ones. If it is controlling your life or stealing your energy, you may need to change things up!

On this week’s episode, Rachel shares tips and tricks to help disconnect from our phones and the apps we use most, and reconnect to a more present place in our lives.

Our phones have stolen some very important things from us: our presence, and our boredom! We all want to be present and truly here. And it is through the quiet space that opens up in boredom that we discover our interests, our genius, and who we really are.

If you can become conscious of your behavior and addiction to your phone (it’s not your fault, they were designed that way!), then you can set limits and draw boundaries.

This episode shares concrete steps you can actually take in your life to put your phone down. Tune in to be fully present for your one precious life.

Key Takeaways

  • Take some time to journal on what you are grateful for when it comes to your device, and what brings your discomfort or a sense of unease. Give yourself some perspective here - our phones are amazing tools but can also become a huge distraction from the important things in life.
  • Change the settings on your phone to control your screen time. Track your time and try to stick to the limit that you set for yourself.
  • Have designated phone time throughout the day. Make a time that works for you, check your messages and then put it away.
  • No double screening! If you are watching a movie or doing something on the computer, you don’t need your phone as well.
  • Take a phone detox if you can. Set up the logistics if someone needs to reach you in an emergency and then see if you can go 24 hours, or a weekend, even a week, without your phone!
  • The bedroom is for sex and sleep, and mindlessly scrolling on our phones is time wasted that could have been spent resting or being intimate with our partner. Buy an old fashioned alarm clock and keep your phone out of your bedroom!