Processing 2020: Letting Go, Finding Gratitude and Making Space

Conversations from the Heart - December 18th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Growth, Healing, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

We’re almost done with 2020!

But, in order to move into 2021 with clarity, it is so important to process everything that happened this year; the lessons, the hardships, the practices, the blessings, the relationships, and the gratitude.

In this week’s episode, Rachel will guide you through a practice to summarize 2020. Give yourself the space to journal, feel, cry, yell, contemplate, and come home to yourself so that you can set your New Years intentions from a clear, peaceful, conscious place.

Bring a journal and pen to today’s show - you will move through several journaling prompts, and hear many personal examples shared by Rachel.

This is the year that changed all of our lives. But, you made it through!

Remember to congratulate yourself for making it through to this point, and give yourself the gift of clarity, of gratitude, and most of all, of processing and letting go.

Key Takeaways

  • Take your time when answering all of the journaling prompts in today’s episode. Sit in your sacred space, grab a cup of tea or a big glass of water, your journal and a pen. Give yourself the space, time and support you need to really let it all out, to process, and to get super clear on what happened in 2020.
  • If something comes up, let it. If there is anger or sadness or fear, write it out, cry it out, yell, scream, do anything you need to do to release so that you won’t be triggered in the future.
  • Get to know your past so you can step into your future. Make a timeline of 2020 and use it for reference when journaling.
  • Allow yourself to really contemplate what 2020 taught you. What hurt, what did you learn about yourself, who did you became close to, what practices did you developed to cope or self-soothe, what you are most proud of, what are you leaving behind?
  • When you are done with all of the journaling prompts, allow yourself extra time to just free write and see what comes up. The more you process, the less you have to re-live again!