Parenting with Compassion: The Story of a Temper Tantrum, an Epiphany and a Healing

Conversations from the Heart - September 9th 2022

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Family, Motherhood, Healing, Love

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About the Episode

Parenting is hard, but knowing that other parents experience the same difficulties can help you feel seen, understood, and a little bit less guilty about it.

If you’ve been struggling with your little ones lately, today’s episode will bring you a newfound sense of hope.

Rachel shares the story of a recent temper tantrum that her daughter, Lea had. In the moment, there was no fixing it. But afterward, when she had some time to think it over, she began to put the pieces together and determine what happened. It concluded with a beautiful moment the two shared together and an epiphany for Rachel as a mother.

At the end of the show, Rachel takes some questions from you for a bonus segment of Ask Rachel. You’ll hear how to use oracle cards, how to balance your yoga and teaching practice, and how to manage imposter syndrome. Tune in for an all-encompassing episode that will leave you feeling a little bit lighter.

Key Takeaways

  • Parenting is hard, but every parent goes through the same things. Know that you are doing the best you can in every moment.
  • As you hold your little one’s hands through difficult moments in life, make sure to ground yourself first. Everything will feel more manageable with your feet rooted to the earth.
  • Our little ones have big emotions. Sometimes simple things for us, are scary and traumatic for them. Always meet them at their level.
  • Sometimes we need to share what happened to really connect the dots about the cause, our feelings, and how to move forward.