New Year’s Intention Setting Ceremony 2021

Conversations from the Heart - December 25th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Growth, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

It’s time for the most important podcast of the year - the New Year’s Intention Setting Ceremony!

This is one of the most precious yearly practices that we do in the Yoga Girl community. Join in to let go of all of the ups and downs of 2020 and step into the New Year a focused, clear, determined and hopeful version of yourself!

First things first, give yourself alone time for this podcast (it really is more of a practice, and it is important work!). You will dance, journal, meditate, dream and feel all the feelings so you can really get clear on your ideal life and how you can move closer toward it in 2021.

We are sitting at the end of one of the most challenging years of our lives. In the last episode of 2020, Rachel expertly guides you through thoughtful journaling prompts designed to get you to the heart of how you really feel and what kind of life you want.

You will envision the specifics of 2021 through 4 major areas of life; home, mind, body, and soul and ultimately arrive at your intention, affirmation and word for the new year.

To go even deeper, we are offering a LIVE New Year’s Intention Setting Ceremony and Ritual with Rachel on December 30 at Registration opens soon!

There is no better way to anchor into your intentions and ring in the New Year focused on your goals, dreams and visions.

Key Takeaways

  • Be sure to create a sacred space for this practice that will tell your body, heart and soul that you are diving into ceremony. Include something from the four elements on your altar; water, air, fire, and earth. Anchor into this safe, sacred space, and allow yourself the privacy and time to write as much as you need.
  • Breaking down your intentions into the 4 areas of life will help simplify your goal-setting process. Take your time to really contemplate and write your wildest, grandest visions. Don’t write something because you think that’s what you should write, instead write whats in your heart!
  • Allow yourself to feel the joy and the pain of 2020, the thank you and the fuck you, the panic and the trust, the highs and the lows. It was a turbulent year and it’s a lot to process. Be gentle but also go deep to heal and release.
  • Once you start to define your goals and make actionable steps, you get yourself a little bit closer to those dreams and they won’t seem so far away. Be patient but diligent, and come back to this over and over again to remind yourself of your intentions and visions.
  • When you have chosen a sentence, an affirmation, and a word for 2021, write it out BIG in your notebook, in the present tense like it has already happened. Doodle, use different colored pens, make it special so it really creates an energetic imprint.

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