My Creative Process (Conversations From The Tea Table)

Conversations from the Heart - November 19th 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Self-Love, Lifestyle, Growth

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About the Episode

The creative process is tricky, elusive, and completely different for everyone.

If you’ve been feeling uninspired lately, today’s episode will anchor you into your unique creative qualities - and maybe stir within you your next big project.

Joining Rachel from her tea table today, she shares her own creative process. It is one that has shifted since a major burnout and a worldwide pandemic, but one thing has always remained the same.

Now gearing up for her first major creative project in two years, she shares the messiness behind it and the journey she has taken to accept the way inspiration strikes.

Maybe its not so much about what you create, but your ability to tap into the creative processes that work well for you - the ones that harness the authentic beauty you already have within.

After all, the best things come from the heart. Tune in for an episode that will bring out yours!

Key Takeaways

  • Take some time to contemplate your own creative process. How do you make things happen? It will be a unique journey and one that is totally yours.
  • Life factors, such as a burnout for example, can affect your ability to create. Make sure you take time to rest - and you may discover a better way to do things that is sustainable for you.
  • There is so much fear hiding behind creation: the fear of humiliation, getting out of your comfort zone, failure… The list is unending. Get intimate with your fears so you can meet your needs.
  • You cannot force inspiration! You can only work with it whenever (and however) it shows up.
  • No matter how you get there, you will. The world is waiting for you to bring forth the beauty you have within.