Living a Life of Service: The Little Things Make a Difference

Conversations from the Heart - March 11th 2022

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Being of Service, Family, Love, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

There is a lot going on in the world right now.

If you’re feeling guilty for what you have while others are lacking, or if you’re not sure how to help, today’s episode will remind you of what’s really important.

As Rachel gets some things off her mind, she shares how overwhelmed she has been lately with Dennis in Aruba, her work duties piling up, and the world seemingly in chaos. Feeling like she hasn’t been doing enough, she remembers a crucial lesson.

We do not need to fundamentally change our own lives to be of service to others. And the only way to remember what this is all for is to never take for granted what we have.

Tune in for an episode that will remind you that the little things add up - and that our hearts can hold a lot more than we think.


  • It’s possible to hold pain and gratitude in your heart at the same time.
  • We have a moral obligation to be grateful for what we have. That’s how we remember the work we need to do for others.
  • The little acts of service often make the biggest impact. If you do something small each and every day, it adds up!
  • To live a life of service, you don’t need to lose yourself in service.