Jay Shetty on How To Find Your Life Purpose (really!)

Conversations from the Heart - September 4th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Exciting Guests, Being of Service, Growth, Family, Love, Lifestyle, Self-Love

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About the Episode

Are you struggling with finding your purpose in life, staying positive, or looking for changes to make in order to improve your spiritual health? You are not alone!

This week Rachel is joined by Jay Shetty on the Yoga Girl Podcast. Jay offers valuable spiritual insight into the mindset of a monk, how to infuse your life with purpose, passion, compassion, and service, as well as how to set boundaries and discover triggers (before you become triggered)!

Its the simple things that end up transforming our lives - the question is how we are able to apply them in our day to day. Jay shares actionable things you can do in your day to cultivate balance, feel good in your body and align yourself with your purpose.

Tune in to learn why creating sacred spaces in your house and returning to your self-care practices at the same time every day is the most important thing when it comes to wellbeing. (Jay even shares a step-by-step approach to finding your life’s purpose!)

This week’s podcast will help you cultivate your curiosity in order to find your purpose, make small changes and set boundaries in your life in order to have a more healthy, positive, conscious human experience. Tune in to learn how to think like a monk!

Key Takeaways

  • The root of self-love starts with self-awareness. Self-awareness deepens each time you become still and listen. It is crucial to carve out time daily for silence, stillness and space.
  • Location has energy, and time has memory. Try to do the same self-care practice, at the same time every day, in the same room. Simple changes in routine can lead to so many revelations.
  • Each area of your home should be curated with a certain energy. Leave technology out of the kitchen and living room and spend that time to nourish yourself and connect with loved ones.
  • Harmony and peace are experienced when what you think, say and do are aligned. If you audit your time and money, do they represent what you really value?
  • In order to find your purpose, first examine what you are curious about, then become an expert on that topic. Once you infuse compassion and service into your expertise, your purpose will be found.

More About Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is a former monk, meditation teacher, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author who offers deep spiritual insight into infusing your life with purpose, passion and service.

Jay is the host of his own podcast, On Purpose, which shares conversations with some of the most insightful people in the world. He is also the visionary behind Genius, an online platform with live workshops and guided meditations to help in all areas of your life from relationships, health, work and spirituality. Jay's book Think Like a Monk comes out on September 8.