In Tune With Your Intuition - How to Trust What Your Body Is Telling You

Conversations from the Heart - May 21st 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Growth, Lifestyle, Self-Love, Healing

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About the Episode

What’s standing in the way between you being 100% in tune with your body?

A strong intuition is found within each and every one of us. We know ourselves on a deep and intimate level. When it comes to our health, we can say what makes us feel good and what doesn’t. So, why do we make decisions that so often ignore our gut feelings and lead us away from ourselves?

Would you believe that there is a possibility that the answer to that question has nothing to do with your personality? That maybe, it’s not because you have weak willpower or a lack of discipline but actually our choices are deeply influenced by many contributing factors, and a lot of them are found in environments we have no control over.

In today’s episode, Rachel shares her journey back to herself after mold illness, and the experience of actually feeling deeply in tune with her body after years of separation, sugar addiction and disconnect.

Hopefully, this is an episode that will help you lead yourself back to you, too.

Key Takeaways

  • Have you ever lost complete control when it comes to your habits around food? Chances are, it’s not your fault. There are so many environmental factors that impact our health, our mood, and our choices. You may be surprised by the root cause of your struggles with health.
  • We don’t need a lot to feel well. Actually, a simple, uncomplicated life may be the one we find the most joy in.
  • Sometimes we put too much emphasis on our spiritual wellbeing. We practice self-care, we meditate, we do yoga... But these practices will get us nowhere if our basic physical health is not being maintained.
  • Ultimately, we need systemic change when it comes to the main determinants of our health - our food and our homes. Our society focuses too much on profits and not enough on the actual wellbeing of our people.
  • If you’re in that dark place right now, there is always a way to return home. Your intuition will still be there, waiting.