If It Serves You, It’s Sacred (A Pneumonia Story)

Conversations from the Heart - February 19th 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Growth, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

In the yoga community, we are conditioned to opt for holistic methods of healing before we turn to Western Medicine, something that has served Rachel and her family well for years.

Suddenly sick with pneumonia, Rachel opens up about her current condition in today’s episode. On antibiotics and using a machine to help her breathe, Rachel experienced resistance, shame, and the same fear she felt at 5 years old when battling severe asthma.

It all changed the moment she placed her antibiotics on her altar and realized - resisting healing will not help you get better. And resisting pain is a huge source of pain in itself.

We are quick to judge different forms of medicine, but maybe the answer isn’t found in one or the other. Maybe instead it is found in dropping the resistance, finding the intricate balance of discernment, and opening yourself up to all forms of healing. After all, we are so fortunate to be able to even make the choice!

Tune in today to open your heart and begin your healing journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Your resistance toward antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication, or any other form of medication you are on, can impact your ability to open yourself up to healing
  • Place your pills on your altar and meditate with your medication before taking it. This will help to open up the channels to sacred healing, especially if you are feeling resistance.
  • Of course, our natural remedies work and support us in healing ailments and living our optimal lives. Lifestyle plays a massive part in healing or preventing further illness, but don’t be ashamed to reach for Western medication as well. We are so fortunate to be able to make the choice!
  • Sometimes our illnesses relate to our emotional states. Western medicine often overlooks this, but in the wellness world we are able to focus on making natural lifestyle choices that support our overall health and wellbeing.
  • Choose what works for you. Use a combination of Western and Eastern medicine if it serves you, and allow both to support you. Listen to your heart, body and soul and treat the body as a whole, instead of individual symptoms, in order to life up to your highest potential and treat the mental and emotional bodies just how you would treat the physical body.

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