Head vs. Heart: The Internal Struggle of Finding Purpose in Rest and Balance in Work

Conversations from the Heart - April 22nd 2022

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Lifestyle, Self-Love, Healing, Growth

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About the Episode

As multifaceted human beings, we are able to hold so much within ourselves at once.

Our hearts guide us toward pleasure, joy, and rest. Our minds lead us to create, to work, and to find purpose.

But what happens if these two parts of our being are at odds with one another? How can we find internal balance between the give and take?

Today’s episode will illuminate the way.

Rachel begins with some space to breathe and tune into your own needs. She then discusses her experience in shifting from a hustle and grind lifestyle to something more sustainable and restful. It hasn’t been an easy journey!

It has taken years to identify ingrained values from society, what our parents taught us to be truth, and how to reconcile this with who we really are.

If you’re locked in an internal battle between slowing down and meeting goals, if you’re searching for worthiness, if the inner critical voice is exhausting you, tune in to find a new pace in life.

Key Takeaways

  • In what areas of your life is your ego in control?
  • The little things you do daily are what make up your life. Make sure your habits represent how you want to live.
  • Our conditioned thoughts are often not caught up to what the heart wants. We have to consistently remind ourselves of our true desires, again and again. Eventually the thoughts will change.
  • You are worthy of rest. You are worthy of pleasure and play. You are worthy, no matter what.