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Conversations from the Heart - December 6th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Astrology, Exciting Guests

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About the Episode

On today’s episode, Rachel is once again joined by expert astrologer Debra Silverman!

If you are interested in astrology but overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, this episode is for you. Join Rachel and Debra as they answer all of your questions about astrology and how to apply it as a practice to improve your life.

How can we get to know ourselves and our personality traits better? Astrology will help you to understand yourself, your friends, your family and your partner. Learning about your astrological configuration gives you a permission slip to be EXACTLY who you are, the way you were born. Astrology helps you to define yourself, your purpose in life, and gives you a map (your natal chart) on how to navigate life!

Debra helps us to understand the meaning of the elements in astrology, sun, moon, and rising signs, and then leaves us with an astrological forecast for each sign for the year 2020. A cosmic episode not to be missed!

About Debra Silverman

When Debra Silverman was just 20 years old, she met an astrologer who blew her mind and changed her world forever. She had officially been introduced to the world of Astrology. It was then that she realized the stars in her own world had aligned just right, and she had found her life’s purpose.

Debra went on to deeply study the mind and body, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Dance from York University and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University.

Over the past 40 years of professional experience and private practice, she has specialized in helping thousands of individuals achieve emotional health and wisdom based on their unique personality and the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire. Her work with families, individuals, and couples has her standing out in a sea of therapists and coaches.

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Debra’s Astrology Approach

While there is no “one size fits all” approach, Debra has developed a unique psychological-spiritual model, combining her expertise in Esoteric (soul-centered) Astrology with her extensive education in Psychology to help those going through major life changes, especially in crisis. She custom designs her therapeutic approach to each individual, using astrology and psychology as a magical healing combination.

What makes Debra different is not only her honest and direct style, but her fun and non-traditional way that she breathes new life into an ancient practice. Her goal is to connect with you on a deeper level and help you heal, while making you laugh and accepting you just as you are.

To take one of Debra's astrology courses, visit here.

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[01:08] Rachel: Hi and welcome to a brand new episode of the Yoga Girl Podcast: Conversations From The Heart. Today I have a dear friend and teacher on the show, and someone that many of you have requested that I bring back: Astrologer to the Stars, Debra Silverman. With over 40 years of experience, she’s one of the most trustworthy and inspiring teachers in the world of astrology. And, personally, she has helped me change my life for the better. She’s also the new Resident Astrologer over at, and I couldn’t be more excited! I am so, so honored to have her here. Welcome back to the show, Debra!!!

Debra: Thank you so much, Rachel. Thank you for having me and sharing my love to share! [laugh]

Rachel: I am so excited! I was taking questions earlier through Instagram, which I always do when I have a guest on the show. And whenever it’s about astrology, it’s crazy! Do you feel like there’s a bigger interest right now than there has been? Is it going up, peoples’ interest in astrology overall?

Debra: Yes, there’s no question! There’s been articles written in the New York Times and it’s been written in all kinds of different New Age magazines, because religion as we knew it is dated, and it’s very hard to follow. We have entered the Aquarian Age. So, in the Piscean Age, which was 2,000 years long – that was previous, up until the 1960s – we were insisted on following. Like, think about your parents. They had to fit into the system and they had to be normal (whatever that is), and they had to be inside of the agreed upon reality. Then, in the ‘60s, which was the entrance of the Aquarian Age, everything became free. Like, you don’t have to get married, you can get married. You don’t have to have kids, you can have kids. You don’t have to be in a career … Everything has become liberated, and that was the entrance of the Aquarian Age, which rules astrology, that says, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken!”

Rachel: Mmm! What’s after the Aquarian Age? What’s next?

Debra: I love that you think in the future. Well, that will be another 2,000 years from now …

Rachel: [laugh] Okay.

Debra: But it’s a great question, because it actually goes backwards. So it was the Piscean Age, now we’re in the Aquarian. The next will be Capricorn, and that would suggest a time when form and structure and government will not resemble anything – which we’re preparing for – will not resemble anything we’re living in right now. So that’s 2,000 years down the road. If you can imagine a planet without government, that would be the future. But this moment, in the Aquarian Age, what we’re being invited is to reduce our attachment to conformity. There’s a freedom that’s been given to us for this entire next 2,000 years, that you are allowed to completely be a unique version of yourself as distinct from your family, from your religion, from the town you grew up in. Everything is open now. So if you think about it, we are the first generation, and you particularly, the millennials, where you get to rewrite the definition of society! It’s not the traditional/old school where you had to follow. And there’s probably a million examples we could come up with, number one being yoga. There was no permission in North America and Europe to do yoga. That was exclusive to India! And now it’s a complete industry, it’s a billion-dollar industry because it became obvious in the Aquarian Age that we had to be in our bodies. And up to that point no one recognized the respect of these temples!

[004:37] Rachel: It’s so true. I was having a conversation with a friend about this just yesterday, how it wasn’t that long ago that it wasn’t accepted to come out if you were gay, for instance. And now, you know, at least in the world where I live, it’s not even a thing. You don’t bat an eyelid at all. And I’m wondering, when my daughter grows up, you know, we’re getting to a place where you can hopefully completely freely choose what kind of gender you want to conform to, if you want to conform to any gender at all. So I’m wondering into the future, when it comes to getting out of the box of what we have to be, or what’s okay and what isn’t okay, if it continues going in that direction, that’s a pretty wonderful, wonderful outlook, that we can all be just the way we are.

Debra: And I think even, specifically in relationships, the concept (although we love it) of marriage and being exclusively with one person for your whole life, that’s going to open up. Like, what is it to do a relationship with two women and a man? What is it to do relationships with being in a same sex relationship. All of those doors are going to be blasted off. And that is very, to me, what an exciting thought, that you could love more than one person, that you can be open to creating different shapes to relationships. Your best friend … I just read your book, and I was so moved because I have one of those best friends. I’ve often thought, “I could have definitely married her.” It just sounds inappropriate because I’m not gay. But the truth of the Aquarian Age is I think I am married to her. If I blow open the doors, as I’m describing, and I love your image of homosexuality is not a bad word, it’s beautiful! To open up the wide-angle lens on a reality that doesn’t limit us makes me so excited!

[006:22] Rachel: So excited! So, so, so excited. And I was, actually, we just had a conversation, or you gave me some really wonderful … a wonderful session where you kind of read my chart again and told me a little bit about where I am at in the world this year, and challenges I’ve been going through and all of this. And then when you told me you had read the book, when we hung up, I realized I would have loved … or one day I would love to give you Andrea’s chart to see if there’s anything special there.

Debra: [Gasp]

Rachel: Because she has a really auspicious birthday. She’s born December 21st. And I always wonder … because I never did, ever. But yeah, for another day.

Debra: No, but that’s such a great idea! And there’s the value of astrology right there. Because I have a very close relationship to some dead people … it just sounds weird. But one of whom is my father. So, I have deeply studied his chart just to keep me in touch with his soul and what he brought to me. And yes, that is something astrology can do. It can look at the distinctions between, like, why are you and Dennis so compatible? I’m thinking about his chart and all his fire as he runs around the world, and how you’re so … you’re double fire. And how those informational tidbits of understanding the different personality types liberates us. That’s back to the Aquarian Age. We never could talk about this before. Like, how did we ever have a language to understand our partners, our mothers, our grandmother … We just never talked about this!

[007:49] Rachel: Because you shared that, last time you were on the show I was asking, “What can astrology actually do for us?” And some people have this idea that it’s, you know, it’s not real, and how does it make any sense, how can all of these people who are so different have the same little astrological, you know, here is what’s happening today in Romance, like in Cosmo or in any of the women’s magazines where they show astrology. How does it actually work? For someone who is a little bit skeptical, or someone who doesn’t get it, but they’re listening to this show because they’re interested, right? How does it work? How does astrology work?

Debra: That’s a great question. So, first of all, don’t you think it’s interesting that across 5,000 years, astrology has stayed in the zeitgeist. Like your mother knows what sign she is, and your younger sister knows what sign she is. And it’s just because in Europe and in North America, we all speak the language. Now why did it survive? So, when you asked, “How did it work?” It’s such a universal language. It’s the architecture of the human psyche. It was brought to us through an unbelievable lens in Egypt, ancient times, where they were describing the nature of the human condition is a very mystical, magical door. Now, can I tell you where it came from and who did that? No. It’s left through … just like the invisible world of the pyramids. I think that’s fascinating. How did those pyramids get described and created and manifested? It’s such a high-developed system that those pyramids were using. They still, to this day, cannot recreate the pyramids with a machine. So, astrology came through that same door. There is this pyramid, and many on the earth that are existent, holding down the fort. Then there’s astrology that’s been brought to us as a system.

And the answer is, how does it work? The moment you take your breath, the first breath of your existence, there’s a snapshot taken of the heavens. That picture, then, is put into the language of astrology, which is simply, “Where were the planets the moment of your birth?” Now, we go back to Egypt. How did they know where the moon was on June 2, 1502? They were able, in the old system, to know the system of how to execute a chart because that was given to us. Somewhere, and I can’t explain it, but it’s factual, the science of astrology was handed down through the Egyptian time by astronomers that continue to use the same mathematical equations across 5,000 years. So, I suggest, just like the pyramids can’t be answered, there’s some mystical, magical description of how this wisdom body was handed to us, but the amazing part, to me, is here it is 5,000 years later and we still can use it! That test of time has given it credibility.

And of course, the left brain goes, “Huh? Why would the planets influence us?” But we don’t know why love is real, we can’t see it. We can’t see gravity, we know for sure that works. So if god is not visible but we believe in it, why would we not believe the stars and the magic of the invisible world is real. I just love thinking about that you can’t see love, but you sure can feel it.

[010:56] Rachel: You sure can feel it. I just … I was remembering as you were speaking that the most skeptical person that I have in my life, the most skeptical person that I know and have ever met is my father. And anything that has to do with healing, even yoga he thinks is a little weird, you know, body work, reiki, everything that’s a little bit mystical he’s like, “Ugh.” Would never get a reading, ever. Would never do tarot, he’s so skeptical to everything. He has the Scorpio sign tattooed on his ankle!

Debra: [laugh]

Rachel: [laugh] Isn’t that hilarious!? I just realized that as you were speaking! The most skeptical person I know. [laugh]

Debra: The most skeptical person that I knew about astrology was my father. And he wore an Egyptian gold medallion, his whole life, of Capricorn on his neck.

Rachel: No!

Debra: That’s two great examples, that you don’t have to believe in astrology, it believes in you. So you don’t have to have a left brain relationship with it. Your dad, my dad, how bizarre is that? They both were skeptical.

Rachel: How bizarre is that?

Debra: My father was such a skeptic. He used to say to me, “You make money doing what?!”

[012:07] Rachel: [laugh] You know, every time someone asks me about astrology, and they’re very skeptical, and, “Does it actually work? I never really believed in that.” I tell them the story of when Dennis had his first ever experience with astrology, which was a reading with you. And I had a reading with you and then he had a reading with you, and you recommended that we send each other, or we give each other the Zoom recording so that I can look at his reading and he can look at mine so that we can get to know each other and understand each other a little better. And his reading was … because he didn’t really want to do it. I was explaining, you know, “Debra, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, she’s super known in the world of astrology, she’s a superstar, she’s a goddess, she doesn’t even really do readings anymore. This is like a gift from heavens. Of course you say yes. You don’t say no!” And he didn’t really want to, but he said, “Okay, well, I’ll go. I’ll do it. For you.” He thought he was doing me a favor, getting this reading.

So, watching him on the Zoom recording, at the beginning he’s leaned back in his seat and he has his arms kind of crossed over his chest. And he’s so skeptical. He’s so skeptical! And by the end of the reading he’s leaning forward, just urging you along, to go deeper, and “What about this? What about that?” And he’s just nodding and so enthusiastic. And he came out of that reading, you know, shining. So happy. Everything made sense. He just went, in one 45-minute session, went from a total skeptic to a total believer! And I love to share that story because Dennis is not the type of guy you think would believe in astrology, but after that reading, he really does.

Debra: That’s my favorite story. When I can find the men who are the left brain non-believers and have them move over. Notice that in yoga how many women are there. It’s a right brain practice, because it’s feminine, it’s non-verbal, it’s dealing with energies, it’s feeling with breath. The left brain science of astrology, which you have to know this, I think you learn that from taking the beginning class, it requires memorization. And there is a science to pure astrology as an astronomer. But when you turn to the interpretation, which is the art, and I have certified at least a dozen astrologers are on my website that I can promise you have been rigorously trained by me. They can look at a chart, like I love thinking about doing Dennis, and very quickly those men that didn’t believe anything are leaning in because they’re like, “How did you know? How did she understand me? How did she know that that was the year that I got married?” I’m like, “Uh-huh. You don’t have to believe in it, it believes in you.”

[014:46] Rachel: It’s amazing. And that’s what … you have a really nice phrase that you use, that astrology gives you a permission slip to be yourself.

Debra: Yeah.

Rachel: And I love that. Because it’s not so much about … I used to think that astrology, oh, it’s going to predict your future, and it sounds all woo-woo and what is that? But actually what it is, it’s giving yourself a permission slip to just be who you are. “Oh, that’s why I am the way that I am.” For me, for instance, learning that it’s in Dennis’ chart very clear that he’s the type of guy who needs to move energy intensely for long stretches of time, and if he doesn’t he gets depressed.

Debra: Exactly.

Rachel: And I was complaining because he’s doing Ironman and endurance and I hated it. And you said, “Well, do you want a husband who is happy? Or do you want a husband who is depressed?” I was like, “I want him to be happy.” “So let him move.” “Okay!” And now, you know, after that it’s not a thing anymore. [laugh] So I think in that sense, yeah-

Debra: That’s so simple! That’s such a great example, Rachel. And that happens for all four elements. That’s one of the biggest doorways is if you don’t understand astrology and it seems so complicated (and it is; it keeps on going, you never stop studying). You can simplify it to the elements. I remember in my session with you that you don’t have water! You can tell this store, it’s so funny, that you-

Rachel: I have no water. [laugh]

Debra: What did you do after our session?

Rachel: I got a bathtub. [laugh] Immediate, it was like, “I need a bathtub.”

Debra: But it’s that simple though. Like your husband has so much fire that if he doesn’t move energy, fire people, they get tired if they don’t work out. Water people, they get tired if they work out! It goes opposite. Knowing your own system, like some people require, like in your case, you’ve got so much fire and air, you’re an energy ball! You’re a magnet. You’re a fire starter. So water is soothing for you. But if you don’t consciously choose to get in a hot tub or in a bathtub or let yourself stop, it will be unnatural to follow the one that missing. So my job with astrology is assisting people to find their missing element. That’s a really simple thing to learn, too, as you know.

[016:56] Rachel: Yeah, that was the first thing I learned about was the elements. And it’s easy to read. So, for someone who is listening right now and is interested and wants to kind of look up their chart, what’s the best way for them to do that?

Debra: Well that’s very simple. is a free site. It’s actually based in Switzerland, so funny, because I went to find them because I’ve sent so many people to them. If you click on the top it will say Free Horoscopes (on the top bar) and then you scroll over to Chart Drawing, on the right, and you just put in your birthday, time, and place, and up will come your chart. And on the chart-

Rachel: So you need your birthday and the time and the place of birth.

Debra: Exactly, you need your birthdate, time, and place. If you don’t have your time, you can still do the elemental distribution. So it doesn’t require you having to have your time, but that’s where astrology enters. The birth time is very important. So once you figure out the elements, and there’s a little box there of water, air, earth, and fire, and if you notice, like in your case there’s no water for Rachel, then you say, “Uh oh, I have to cultivate water. What does that mean?” And of course I have a book, The Missing Element, you can read it. But when you’re missing water, for example, you have to learn it’s okay to do nothing on purpose. That’s so weird to someone with no water. Like, why would I do that? If you’re missing air, for example, that means that you don’t like to talk. It’s just not your system to be social, and you love to listen to podcasts because other people are talking. You don’t want to do the talking. So then you learn how to ask questions. The medicine for missing air is you don’t have to talk, just ask somebody something simple like, “What do you like?” Or, “Tell me about your kids.” And the person will start talking immediately and it takes the pressure off you. So asking questions is one of the medicines for missing air. If you’re missing earth I tell people, “You have to go buy cleaning supplies. You have to learn practicality. You have to go balance your bank book. I know you don’t want to, but these simple tasks will balance and bring you back to focus. And if you’re missing fire, you have to go get exercise. You have to turn up the volume on the music.” I tell everybody, “Go get Trevor Hall or Nahko and turn up the music and sing, because you’ve got to activate your fire in order to make the balance factor happen.” So, it’s really kind of simple. A missing element-

Rachel: It is! When you put it this way, with the elements, I think that part is the easiest one. And that was the first thing I learned about charts, I can look at another person’s chart now and really easily tell how they’re doing with the elements. That part is simple.

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[020:44] Debra: This is what I’ve contributed to your site. They’re going to be able to do it very simply. Take the test, watch videos.

Rachel: Yes!

Debra: You want to talk about that?

Rachel: Yeah! So you are our new resident astrologer on! What!?

Debra: Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo WOO!

Rachel: It’s so exciting! [laugh] It’s so exciting. So everyone listening, you’ll be able to go to and you can learn all about the elements, that’s the first big thing, that content and the videos that we have, where you go into depth in each element and how you can implement more of it in whatever you’re missing. Does it also mean if you have too much of something that you also should try to minimize that? Or is it always just finding what’s missing?

Debra: No, that’s exactly right, no. If you have too much water you’re so emotional and you’re so sensitive and even depressed, you can’t get up. So yes, there’s too much and too little, and that is very much going to be on your website. And a very simple practice, as a non-technical astrologer … and I have found the elements to be, if someone asked me what my success has been it’s because I was like you, Rachel. I didn’t have water when we started this movie, like, I didn’t understand … I didn’t understand meditation. I thought it was kind of dumb. Like, “We’re going to sit there, close our eyes – this is such a Gemini talking. We’re going to sit there, close our eyes, and we’re just going to wait for what?! No! I’m not doing this.” And then I had to have someone … it’s so funny to think about. Then I had someone teach me the short version, and now I am a meditator. So I cultivated water. It doesn’t have to be a long time. I remember when I first started working with you, you were like how long do I have to meditate? Because you’re an air sign. You don’t have to take a long meditation, but there is all the elements require a short practice of inserting what’s missing. And over time it becomes such a good feeling, to bring back that missing piece. Your world becomes … It’s almost like, I like to use the image of four wheels and a car, and when one is down it’s going clunkety-clunk, but when they’re riding smooth, you can really feel it.

[022:39] Rachel: I remember because all of my teachers always used to tell me, you know, “You’re supposed to sit for an hour a day.” And if not an hour at least 45-minutes. And all of the groups and trainings and things I’ve done, it’s like you have to sit for so long. And I always had such a hard time! Oh my god. I had such a hard time. I like different kids of meditation. Spinning meditations and twirling meditations and the dynamic meditation from Osho, and shaking meditations. But sitting in silence for that long of a time, you know, I was really forcing myself. And then you told me, “What? You’re so efficient, you can do it in five minutes!” Five minutes of meditation. And I find that actually, yeah, it gives me the same amount of center and peace, but I have to do it twice a day.

Debra: Exactly. And you never want, in your life all of you listening, you want to follow what’s natural to you. This is the Aquarian Age, back to the beginning of our conversation. Everyone’s allowed to be so unique now and celebrated for the diversity, for all the different colors, different cultures. So you must find your comfort in your own skin. And once you do that, then your authentic, genuine self is like, “Oh my god. So you mean I have no air and that’s why I don’t talk, and it’s okay?” Yes, it’s okay! You can ask questions and engage. It doesn’t mean you have to stay away from the party. Or, you have too much water and you’re prone to depression and to addiction? Well that needs to get up and revealed and tell someone that! As soon as those secrets some out of the water person, healing begins. All of them are such beautiful, healing doors. And I can’t tell you the fulfillment that I’ve had in this life of watching both my students and the certified astrologers. Helping people is like … you know all about this. You do that so much with animals too. We get so off on helping people. And this is the gift of wisdom, as speaking to everyone as unique individuals and giving them permission slips. Like, it feels so good.

Rachel: Feels so good. Not everybody … we’re not all meant to be the same, you know? And that’s a nice feeling to have, of, “Oh, okay, I don’t have to talk all the time. I have all of this earth. Okay.” That’s also … we stop trying to change who we are, but we can still implement and evolve in areas … in a way that feels good to us. We are allowed to be as unique and beautiful as we are today.

Debra: I realize this because my team just was making fun of me yesterday. I’m like Dennis, I have a lot of fire, so I have to exercise a lot. But when I get excited I’m kind of goofy. You probably have this too, Rachel. And the team gets … they’re like watching me jumping up and down, and then I realize, “This is because I’ve given myself permission.” It used to be that I’d try to tone it down and hold it in. And then I would feel myself contracting. Because I was self-conscious. But the older I’ve gotten, the freer. And now I’m just my crazy self. And it really serves, because it lets everyone else be their crazy self.

[025:34] Rachel: Right. And it’s helpful to learn about the people in your life and people close to you too. That was helpful for me and Dennis. It helped me understand him a little bit more. “Oh, he’s not just doing that to annoy me?” You know? It’s just part of his fabric, it’s part of who he is. And it made it easier for me to, yeah, to accept the things that used to annoy me, I guess. But so how does this work? Because the elements, of course, you have Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. But then there are Sun Signs and Moon Signs and houses and planets and degrees of stuff, and nodes … so, what’s kind of the basics here?

Debra: Look Rachel, you’re speaking it. And when I first met you you didn’t know a thing. I’m so excited!

Rachel: [laugh]

Debra: So there is a wide sky full of information, and when I teach it, I teach a very beginner entrance, where (as you know) you know nothing, and I make it really basic, and yes, all of those things are addressed over time. But I teach in bite-sized bits, so people can really chew, take in, integrate it, and actually apply it. So, I don’t like theory for its own sake. I get kind of bored when there is too many words and I can’t touch them. I want to be able to chew my words and feel them. So I teach in a very simple way. And by the end of Level One, which is only six weeks long (it starts in January), people are wowed at how much they learned about themselves. So, there’s something to be said about taking large concepts and being able to break it down into practical, applicable, bite-sized bits. That’s my thing.

Rachel: Right, because otherwise it’s really hard to apply. Because most people know their Sun Sign, right? They know if they’re a Libra or a Gemini or a Sagittarius, but that’s usually where it ends. So I had some questions from people who said, “I was always skeptical because I’m a Capricorn but I don’t identify as one. I don’t agree with all of the things that they say about Capricorns.”

Debra: Exactly, my god, that’s such a Capricorn thing to say, that’s the funniest thing. So you are not just your Sun Sign. Let’s just start there. There’s three categories. The Sun Sign is your ego, it’s the most overt, obvious personality trait. You can’t help yourself. And that’s what everyone knows about because we always know on that day the sun is at … if it’s June 1st, we know the sun is in Gemini. It never changes. It’s consistent. Because the sun moves one degree a day. And every single day we know how that … it’s very simple to determine. The moon, of course, is very quick moving, and in a month it goes through all 12 signs. So there’s another information source. That’s about your emotional temperament. So, Rachel, yours is in Leo. And reading your book I so fell in love with you again, because your love for your best friend, that book took me to water. I couldn’t believe how much I cried in that book. But that was your missing … I was listening, reading your book thinking, “Her moon in Leo, her emotional body, the moon in Leo, drama, desire to be excited, passion, color, vivacious.” It was so obvious that your friend was one of the keyholes to you activating your heart. Like, you sat next to her and your heart was opened, right?

Rachel: Yeah.

Debra: I’m going to promise you when we look at the charts together, which now I can’t wait to do, that she did something your moon in Leo. She knew how to make you feel so comfortable being this emotionally generous creature that you are. So people ignite, like, the moon is our emotional temperament. Some people make it safe for our emotions to come out. And some people you’re around you’re like, “No.” You shut down, you’re like, “No! I’m not giving you my emotions.” And you feel like a cold fish around them. And that’s chemistry. But no matter what, your potential with moon in Leo is you are a passionate entertainer who loves love and loves to have fun, and you can’t help yourself. That’s the moon. The moon tells me how you respond emotionally, in life, especially when I push you up against the wall, how will you come back? You’re going to come back going, “[barks]!” Because yours is in fire. So your emotional body is feisty. When push comes to shove, you really get upset. Is that true?

Rachel: Oh, 100%. Yeah. I can be very level-headed and take many high roads and just everybody be happy and balanced and then all of the sudden I have enough and I have a hard time controlling that fire, yeah.

Debra: So that’s the moon.

Rachel: Which I’m working on, yeah.

Debra: That’s great. But it’s … so here’s the thing about astrology: You’re always going to be like that. The difference is you can be observant, and once you get to that pitch, I call it “Mean Mom,” when I’m about ready to scream, I go, “Mean Mom alert! Mean Mom alert!” Like I can feel I’m going to get feisty, and then everyone runs. But as long as I am aware … you can’t change your temperament, but you can increase your awareness of it. And this is the gift. So that’s the moon. And the moon, of course, if it’s in water your moon is very sensitive and you tend to get pushed up against the wall of, “You people don’t want to talk,” if your moon is in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. If it’s in air, we push you up against the wall and you just want to start talking. “Well this is what happened, and that’s what happened.” You’re like, “Can we just not talk right now?” “Nope, my moon is in air.” If it’s in earth you’re like up against the wall and you’re like, “Listen, let’s get practical. Let’s make a list. Whatever just happened, we’re going to unpack this.” But if it’s in fire, which is what you and I both have, Rachel, at zero to sixty super fast, I’m pissed off and then I’m done.

[031:06] Rachel: Yeah, very very true. That’s the thing, once it’s over it’s over. I never think about it. I don’t … Yeah, it’s just like it never happened when I’m done. And then my husband is the other way, when something is terrible he doesn’t want to talk about it, but then it lingers. It lingers and it comes up later and it becomes … every element, I guess, has its own challenge.

Debra: That’s because his moon is in water and yours is in fire. So that’s a concrete example of how different your styles are. And once you’re aware of it and you know that he needs to pull away when he’s upset emotionally, and you need to jump in, you give each other permission slips, like, “Okay, you know what, I see you’re pulling away. You’re pissing me off. I’m going to go talk to my girlfriend right now, because I need to get pissed off at what just happened.” And you know who to go to, because you start to navigate and accept people for who they are. So that’s the moon, can you feel that? The emotional way that you respond.

Rachel: Yes, 100%.

Debra: And then the Rising Sign, which is what you’re rising to, or you’re ascending, and that’s based on the moment of your birth, which is a little tricky because not everybody knows their moment, but that’s whatever constellation was on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth is your rising sign. In astrology, esoterically, from a spiritual point of view, the most important. Because it’s your soul. So yours is fire. This is funny. Your moon is in fire, and your soul, Sag Rising, is in fire. So you’re double fire. The sun is in Libra for you, for you, it’s an air sign. I love to talk and communicate, said Rachel. But her moon is like, “Are we having fun yet? I need a little outfit to wear, Leo.” And then your Sag is like, “Let’s share everybody’s philosophical point of view with the whole world.” So you’re all fire and air, your combination, which makes you a little excitable.

Rachel: A little bit! [laugh] Just a little bit.

Debra: And that’s why we love listening to you, because you ignite us. You are contagious. And that’s the distinction between the sun is your ego, the moon is your emotional temperature, your inner world, how you respond emotionally, and your rising sign is what you’re rising toward. And so for you it’s Sag, which makes you philosophical. It’s your highest self. It’s what you want … in the end of the story, if I had my way, we would just study our rising signs and really get comfortable in our soul and let that drive the ship and not the ego, because the problem we have in our society is … everyone raise your hand if you have an ego. Oh look, everyone’s raising their hand. We’re all so ego-driven.

[Commercial Break]

[035:04] Rachel: I have to have it written down, because every time I learn something new and it clicks somehow I make a little note. I have a little astrology notebook where I’m learning. And in the beginning I felt so overwhelmed. But then every time something clicks, it really stays there. I don't know. And it’s … what’s interesting to me is it’s interesting to see the dynamic between me and my husband, because we’re so similar and so different at the same time. But also looking at Lea Luna, who is now getting this big personality, I mean, she’s almost three. She never stops talking. And she talks in all different languages. She’s so inquisitive, and she likes to just state things as they are. I don't know, it’s really funny.

Debra: What sign is she?

Rachel: She’s a Pisces sun, Libra moon, and Aquarius rising.

Debra: She’s double air and she can’t stop talking. Okay, you just made a perfect example.

[035:54] Rachel: She can’t stop talking! [laugh] So we’ll probably have that forever, that she’ll talk our ear off. But it’s so interesting to see how I can look at her signs and then anticipate, is that going to happen or no? And then it is, it’s really funny. How do the houses and planets come into play? So each house … because that shifts not just of course … it shifts day to day too, right? Every day is different for all of us.

Debra: Well let’s just take one more moment and talk about your daughter, because this is so important. Can you imagine, as a mom, she’s not just going to talk by the way. She’s going to write. She’s going to study. You’re going to be fascinated by her. Her mind, being double air, is a constant intellectual appetite. So I want you to know that. It’s not just words, it’s also the communicator who is always reading and writing and wanting to study.

Rachel: Wow, okay. She loves to read. I have to give her a limit. So she says, “I want 10 books.” And then I say, “No, you can have two.” And then she says, “Okay, eight?” And I say, “No, you can have three.” And then we end at five, which is my actual limit. We negotiate. Everything’s a negotiation.

Debra: So I just want to point out, this is a great example where, as a mom, you know that she’s an intellect, and you can feed that and cultivate that. And what if our moms did know who we were? Like before, when we were little, if my mom would have said, “Oh, my daughter has so much energy.” And rather than making me self-conscious for being too much, I would have been encouraged and taught how to stop.

Rachel: Hmm.

Debra: So you can see the value of parenting. Oh my god, I love astrology with kids.

[037:36] Rachel: Huge. Huge! Absolutely. Then we wouldn’t have to spend our whole lives fixing what we didn’t get.

Debra: In therapy, exactly.

Rachel: Yeah, and just shine from the beginning. It’s so related, yeah? I mean, psychology and astrology?

[037:52] Debra: They’re best friends. Psychology and astrology. So back to your question about the houses. So, that’s a technical question. And the houses, by the way, are simply what they sound like. It’s the area in your life where you’re going to spend most of your time. So, whatever house the sun is in, like for example the sun is such a primary, single factor on this planet. Every plant, all focus is in the sun. The sun tells you want to wear, the sun tells you what time to get up, the sun tells us every … I’m in love with the sun. So in the housing situation, I love it, the housing situation, I’ve never said that before. In the housing situation, whatever house the sun falls in tells us what area in this lifetime you’re going to be really fascinated by. And yours is in the house of psychology! Is that interesting? Does that make sense?

Rachel: That’s what … I wanted to be a psychologist before I found yoga. That or a journalist.

Debra: Ding ding ding ding ding.

Rachel: Yeah psychology is … ding ding ding.

Debra: That’s the kind of information that … you can imagine looking at your daughter’s chart, and I can say to you whatever house the sun fell in for her, the housing situation, I’m going to use that again, her housing situation will give me information about how to facilitate her being her authentic self. So, the houses tell you what area of life is being asked of you in this lifetime. Basically the chart is a description of the promise that you made. Every single being listening to this, every single being made a promise. You incarnated into a body with an agreement. You can’t remember it [laugh]. It’s such a mean game, I don't know who made this up, like, “Okay, let’s send them down there, we’ll give them an assignment, and they’ll have to figure out what it is without any clues.” “Excuse me, can I use the chart as a clue?” “Great answer.” So, with the chart I can give you a shorthand to say, “This is the propensity, here is a natural fit to get you to your authentic self, and the person goes, “Wow. That makes so much sense. No wonder I hate my job.” Or, “No wonder I love my job!”

[039:47] Rachel: I love this. This I’m still … I’m still learning, this is a lot, yeah. Lea has … her sun is in the second house, and mine is in the twelfth, I think.

Debra: Your house … I love it, you’re making stuff up now, but that’s okay.

Rachel: Am I? Okay, shit, shit! No, I’m still learning! Okay, where is my spot? How does this work?

Debra: Let’s go back to your daughter. So, what time was your daughter born?

Rachel: She was born at 4:16 am on March 13th, 2017.

Debra: Yes, that’s right, that’s right. We can use hers. So she has some of the 12th house, which tells me immediately she’s a mystic. Your little girl is a mystic. She’s going to have a fascination with … you’re lucky. And this is how it goes. Some people are blessed, and they’ve found parents (this is rare) who supported their goals and their essence. Some souls some in and they want to learn about muscles. They want to learn about free will, and they get parents who totally don’t get them. So they can have the exercise of choosing to reclaim their commitment to themselves. It sounds crazy. It’s like why would you want to learn something by resistance? But that’s how earth works. So for those of you who are in families or had parents where you’re like, “Wow, they so didn’t get me,” that’s because you wanted to develop free will, and make a really deliberate choice to stand up an exercise the decision of being here. For your daughter-

Rachel: What a beautiful way to look at that, by the way. So, if we had parents who didn’t get us, and we had to fight upstream, and they were trying to make us conform or be something different, what a blessing! So then we can really exercise our free will and really stand up for who we are. I love that!

Debra: I love it too. It was true for me. I really had to fight. And now I’ve got the really strong conviction to being Debra. And it’s helped me so … I’m telling you, here’s an announcement all of you: Aging and getting older is the best thing that you can imagine if you do your yoga, you do your meditation, and you study astrology and you keep learning how to be yourself. It gets better and better. Oh my god. I love being a grown up. Who would have said that when I was young?

[042:07] Rachel: Who would have said that!? Who would have said that? I’m learning to love being grown up. Okay, so I have some studying to do on the houses. I think I’m confused because they’re not always on the same place. It’s not like 12 is always-

Debra: If you look in the middle of the circle, Rachel, in the very middle there is twelve numbers. Those are the house numbers, so it’s kind of simple. And the sun is a circle and a dot. So if you look at your daughter’s chart you’ll see a circle and a dot in number 12, in the twelfth house.

Rachel: What? No! I see it in number two.

Debra: In the second house. That’s very … that’s so great, so this is so perfect. You’re all going to be slightly complicated and confused until you take the class. And here’s the good news. The good news is that all you need to start with is your sun sign, and all of you know what that is. The second thing you can start with is just learning the elements, which is why I wrote the gook “The Missing Element.” And just discovering what’s my missing element? The third step is where Rachel is now, which is dangerous, where you start to get a lot of information, but not enough to know what to do with it!

Rachel: [laugh] That’s why we need help. We need to look at video and we need to do more.

Debra: Study. Study!

Rachel: But it’s really like layers. Yeah.

Debra: And the simple, easiest … if you get a certified astrologer to look and do a reading and say to her, “Can you tell me what house my sun is in?” She will answer that question. She will say, “How did you know to ask that?” And you can say, “That podcast with Rachel and Deb really helped.” I realized that-

Rachel: [laugh]

Debra: These are sort of takeaways. That harder your life is, the bigger your spirit is. Because no small spirit comes in without wanting to really life the heavy bags. Take up the suitcases and lift the heavy ones. That’s when you want it. If you’re a big spirit and you said, “Give me a big job. Rachel, Debra.” I’m sure many of you listening to this, we didn’t get small stories.

[Commercial Break]

[045:21] Rachel: So something that you did teach me about very recently, or since the last time we spoke, was Saturn. And I knew very little about, and I’m still learning of course, but I knew very little about Saturn aside from having heard about Saturn Return and it being this big thing that happens in our lives. And you just shared a lot about how Saturn has impacted my life and also a lot of the struggles that I have faced this year. Could you share a little bit about mama Saturn?

Debra: Yes. That’s so great you asked, because it’s my favorite planet. And in your case, it’s sitting on the rising sun. Remember I said the rising sun, if I could do one thing I’d tell everyone, “Just drop your chart and go studies. That’s so great you asked, because it’s my favorite planet. And in your case, it’s sitting on the rising sun. Remember I said the rising sun, if I could do one thing I’d tell everyone, “Just drop your chart and go study you’re rising sign.” On your rising sign, which is the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth, Saturn was sitting on it. It was exactly at the horizon when Rachel was born. Saturn tells us about purpose. It describes, in your case, it’s your soul’s purpose is very pronounced because Saturn was sitting on it. Saturn describes, “Why am I here?” Like what was this lifetime meant to teach me? And again, you can simplify, just go to the elements. If Saturn is in water, this lifetime you promise to learn about your emotions. I always think of tears when I think of water. Like you promise to learn about your sensitivity. If Saturn is in air, you promise to learn how to communicate. That was your agreement. If Saturn is in earth, you promise that you would learn about money and practicality and being grounded. And if Saturn is in fire, like in your case and in my mine, we promise to learn what to do with our energy and our temper and our feistiness. So everyone has a life lesson. That’s Saturn. I often think of it as the high school principal, like they call you into the office, “Uh, excuse me, Rachel, can you come with me?” You’re like, “Oh no! Not you.” And the principal kind of pulls you over and sits, they look at you and they go … in your case they would say, “Tell me about all of your energy. What are you doing with all of this enthusiasm?” And you’d say, “Uh, a lot!” And they’d say, “Well have you learned how to temper it?” And you’d be like, “Uh, not so much.” And then they say, “Okay, well don’t worry, you can try again!” Because Saturn never leaves you alone.

[047:33] Rachel: So Saturn is what makes us work, or that driving force?

Debra: Exactly, yes. It’s our purpose, it’s the promise that we made, it’s the high school principal saying, “Hey, hey, hey, come here. You made an agreement …” It’s kind of like Saturn is the contract before you incarnated of what this lifetime was going to be about. And once you become friends with the principal, so when they call you in the office you can go … This would be Rachel: “I know exactly what you want to talk about. You want to know what I’m doing with all of my enthusiasm, and my philosopher? Well, I’ve got her on a small diet now. She only comes out on Mondays to Fridays, in the weekend she stays home. I’m not working like a crazy person anymore.” And then the principal goes, “Good job, Rachel. Go right to the front of the class.”

[048:19] Rachel: [laugh] Oh my god. So for anyone who is, you know, because I’ve talked a lot on this show about burnout and about this year being a very, very heavy year for me. Could it be that … can Saturn have that affect on each of us? As a general hole-

Debra: Well it depends where the-

Rachel: … Yes.

Debra: Yes. So, for you it’s so pronounced because literally it was the planet on the horizon when you were born. For other people it’s not as pronounced, they’re not as driven. But every single person listening to this has a life lesson. And every single person, unfortunately we learn on this planet through difficulty. That’s how it goes down here. You don’t learn the easy way. I don't know who made that up. I don’t like that story. It pisses me off. Why can’t we just get a memo? “You’re about to learn a new lesson. Be prepared and take a break.”

Rachel: [laugh] Here it comes! Here it comes.

Debra: I would listen if I got a memo, I would. But apparently they don’t trust that we’ll listen, I guess. So Saturn comes at 28 to 30, that’s called Saturn Return. It lasts all of the way to 31, you can still feel its affect. And the same thing from 58 to 60, 61, Saturn is there saying, “Excuse me, can we talk?” And it will always pronounce … it will scream at you through your body, through your money, through your relationship. Some particular arena that you need attention, it will find you. [laugh]

Rachel: And for me it was my body, my health, for sure.

Debra: It’s in your first house, yes. In that first house is the body, so it got you through your health.

[049:53] Rachel: That’s so true. Another question that I got that I had to write down exactly the way it was phrased, because it made me crack up, was, “Can you please ask Debra why 2019 was such a dumpster fire?” [laugh]

Debra: Dumpster fire.

Rachel: So someone who really struggled! [laugh] Was 2019 a hard year for most of us? Because it feels like it was.

Debra: You know, you can’t generalize, but yes. I’m going to tell you this; the simple answer is every single person you know is dealing with anxiety and tension, because there’s almost eight billion … everyone you ever knew is here. Eight billion people, every past life, every character you knew is back. And they’re coming to find you. No, I don’t want to scare you [laugh].

Rachel: [laugh]

Debra: Okay, so everyone you’ve ever known is here. There’s more pressure, psychically, than we’ve ever known before. Not to mention the internet where it’s a button away, and stimulation is constant. I mean, everyone is starting at their phone. So it’s not just the astrological influence. It’s the zeitgeist, which is a word for the collective consciousness. And in the collective consciousness is a terror. Something is wrong, we’re not going to make it, I’m a little scared, let’s not talk about it. But from an astrology point of view, we knew this was going to happen. This was totally predictable! We were going to reach a pitch where the planet would have, like, we have to make decisions. The planet would have to make a decision, as the earth people would have it, will we be kind to each other? Will we wake up? Will we prepare the way for our children? Or will we just pretend business as usual? Well, guess what, in 2019 there’s no more pretending. There is no more business as usual. So, the good news is everyone is getting awakened. The bad news is it’s horrible waking up with an alarm this loud. Geez!

[051:48] Rachel: Geez! That’s a really … yeah, really nice way of putting it. It is horrible to wake up with an alarm this loud. So are we looking at a slightly easier 2020?

Debra: Well, it’s your decision. So, here is how you make it easier. I’m going to give you a little bit before we end of what 2020 looks like for each sign. But here is the deal; you, as an individual and every single person listening can do this. You can start to get inside the comfort land of your own personality. What does your body, what does your heart, what does your mind need so you can stay in the land of Rachel with real comfort and really honesty and balance? Such a great question. And if you can do so when the wings of the big fat spaceship comes at you, or the frying pan is flying, or the heart is breaking, you can say, “I got this. I’m doing my yoga, I’m doing my meditation, I’ve learned how to balance myself, and whatever comes at you will be an exercise is asking for help, which is what you had to do. You became all of our teacher this year because Saturn really was screaming at you, and then you taught us all how to ask for help and slow down. This is such an important skill during this unbelievable time.

So 2020, can I just be simple? It is … the governments around the world are in chaos. The internal governor can become a place of safety. How do I govern myself? How do I eat? How do I pace myself? How do I do money? I’m my own … I’m the President of My Universe. And so I’m really enjoying … this next year, 2020, is going to be so intensely … there’s a big opportunity with all the Capricorn in January and February to say, “What am I doing to ground myself in reality with practical ways and practices, so that I can count on myself to be in joy, to be in my own comfort zone so I can be authentically present enough to deal with whatever comes?” Because listen, we’re all in this together. It’s crazy pants!

[053:58] Rachel: Yes, yeah. I’m just sitting here nodding and forgetting that this is a podcast, I have to speak. I’m just nodding because I feel the truth of this so much.

Debra: But I love that! … I’m so glad, I’m so glad.

Rachel: And it’s also … if we can’t apply it, that’s the thing. That’s where so many of us struggle. If we can’t apply it, if we don’t apply it, if we don’t do the practical things that we need to do every day, you know, chop the wood, carry the water, do the yoga, sit in silence-

Debra: And yoga, you know what, Rachel? Yoga is so important. Because even if you do it once a week, you are saying to your temple, to this unbelievable thing we live in, “I honor you, and I want you to be healthy, because I am here as a healing agent.” Every single person listening has been given an assignment. We got that. You all came with a promise. Hard to remember, but astrology can help with that. And then the last piece is, “What are you doing to contribute?” You don’t come down here without giving something. That’s the exchange. We give you life, and in exchange you give us your gift. And what is that? Now, if you can’t answer your gift, which Rachel, yours is so obvious. Your sincere love for being so transparent makes us all feel safe. It’s such a gift you’ve given the world.

Rachel: Mmm. I have to write that down. Put it on my bathroom mirror. Because I’m having a lot of days where I’m doubting that, I mean, I shared that last time we spoke. Just days where I wake up and I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m tired. And I realize that I’ve been working at such a pace … my life has been like this ginormous freight train. And I started pulling the brake a year ago, and it’s just taking a really long time to actually see things slow down. And I think that’s the next couple of months for me, is actually going to be fully settling in to the changes, the practical changes that I have made. And seeing them implement it. So I’m looking forward to one of these things that I really want to … which for me is like … it’s very nourishing: It’s learning about astrology. And choosing to put at the very top of a list of things I do every day that bring me joy, that are fun, that are easy, that make me excited, that they have to be just as important as all of the other work and the things I think I have to do every day. To not forget that, you know, we’re here to have fun, and for things to be easy too.

[056:23] Debra: It’s true. It’s so true, and you’re so good at it. Let me just bring you back to your purpose just so everyone … because we all know what it is, and you don’t. And by the way, this happens to everyone. They don’t know their purpose when they’re sitting right in front of it. It’s like the funniest thing. When people say to me, “I have three kids and I don’t know what to do with my life!” I’m like, “Excuse me?! You are the best mom in the world and you don’t even value what you’re doing that’s so unbelievably hard?” So you are a communicator, Rachel. And your words, in that book that I just read, transparency of your authentic human makes us feel normal. You have a way of describing the human condition, and this is one of the deepest wounds in the human condition: Why am I here? What am I doing? And do I really have a purpose? Do you know how often I hear that? And I swear to you Rachel, you are doing your purpose by being so vulnerable. By exposing the human condition. By talking about the confusion that occurs because you’re driven by your ego’s desire to help, and your soul just wants to have fun but feels guilty. Am I right or am I right?

[057:32] Rachel: You’re right. [laugh] You’re right.

Debra: So for any of you listening, your purpose is way closer to your nose than you realize. But your mind expects something other than what you’re doing as a purpose. So it might be as simple as you’re a schoolteacher and you want to know your purpose. Are you kidding?! It’s the quality of what you just said, the joy and the delight and the acceptance; that’s what makes this thing all … the life becomes so different, said the astrologer, when you are peace with what you agree to do, and you’re not resisting or complaining or confused.

Rachel: Hallelujah for that one! Yes, yes, yes! I just love … we could just talk for hours. This could be like a five-hour podcast, it wouldn’t even be hard. [laugh] It would go by in a flash.

Debra: You know what’s so funny, Rachel? I feel so much better giving to you permission to start feeling your value because all of us listening, I’m speaking for your whole listening audience, we all want you to know that you just being you is enough. And every time you share your voice with us and your sincerity, we echo, like a universal voice, your voice becomes mine. So never underestimate your confusion or your delight, because in all cases, you’re letting us all be accepted for just being human.

[058:58] Rachel: Thank you! You made me cry now! I never, never have spoken to you and not cried at least one time. So [laugh].

Debra: I’m glad you’re crying because we love you. We love you so much, Rachel. I wish we were, as a society, water. Here we are in water. I wish as a society we knew how to love each other with or without words and everyone could feel what you just felt. Like, “Really? Am I enough? Am I giving enough? Is it enough that I’m just breathing, that I incarnated into this crazy planet called Earth?” Yes, it is. Just the fact that you’re here and you were willing to take on this assignment say so much. Because who comes down to this planet unless you’re nuts?! You gotta be crazy to get in in the first place! It’s crazy down here! There’s no instruction manual, there’s no description of why it’s so confusing, there’s nobody helping … it’s ridiculous. But in the end, it’s all about love. And I’m so in love with … I’m in love with you, I’m in love with so many things I get a little embarrassed.

[060:01] Rachel: [laugh] And I’m in love with you, right back. So, for everyone who is listening right now who, you know, we know everyone listening knows their sun sign. In a quick little summary, if you can, what can each of us expect for 2020?

Debra: Okay. So here is some exciting little details that I’m going to let you … it may be a little tricky. I’m going to go through it as quick as I can. So you might want to grab a pen. That’s what I’m going to suggest. Because you’re going to need … there are some details I’m going to give you. Okay, I’m just pulling this up. It was sitting right here only a minute ago. Here it is, okay.

So first of all I’m going to say 2020 is … I don’t want want to scare anyone. It’s not like it’s dangerous, but it is a very intense year. One small detail is the American election, but that’s just one detail across the world. Governments are being challenged, and so the structure as we’ve known it, there’s going to be so many planets. In the month in January and February there are so many planets in Capricorn, so let’s start there.

Capricorns: You have a window of time where it is non-stop pressure for 2020. In January the sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all be in Capricorn, and then in February Mars goes there too. So you have a chance, Capricorns, to really get something done, but you may need counsel, because you feel so pressured by how much to do. So that’s what I want to say to Capricorns. Be aware of pacing in the year of 2020.

For Aries: Anybody born April 13th to 17th, you’re going to be invited to change. Anybody born between … in the month of January, those people that are born the 7th to the 17th in January, you’re going to also feel like this is a time of change. Aries, this is the year for you to bring an upsurge of energy that’s going to request of you … is it changing your job? Is it increasing your responsibility? You are going to have a lot of invitations to put your attention on results.

Let’s go on to Taurus. If you’re born the 20th of April through the 5th of May, this is the time where your opportunities to let go of stuff, to change your values around money. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for Tauruses, April 20th to May 5th, to let go of their attachments. Which is a big thing for Taurus. But there is a definite ease for you this year, 2020, because there is so much earth in the heavens for this whole year. Taurus is an earth sign, that’s very compatible. So Taurus, you’re going to have a beautiful year. Those people born in the very beginning of Taurus, through May 5th, it’s a change, still it’s easier, good year for year, but there’s a real opportunity for you to let go of some old stuff that you probably don’t like to let go of.

For Gemini, through 2020, there’s very little air the first few months, which makes it hard. You’ve got to do all of the talking, Gemini. Which you’re built for! So you need to be writing more, communicating more. It’s your turn, you’re built for this job. And then by January through June, there is some impetus to get you into new projects. So Gemini, it’s all about you taking some leadership. Not anything to interrupt or to support you, it’s just that there is some impetus coming your way because there is so little air in the heavens, you’re going to have to step up and move the energy.

Anybody born from June 6th to June 13th, I want you to be careful about illusions or dreams or addiction. This is a year to really get practical, for those people. Like am I an illusion? Is this real? Anybody born June 6th to 13th.

Cancers, oh my god. You have so much support, Cancers. Everything is opposite you this year. Because of all of those planets in Capricorn and Capricorn is opposite Cancer. And when things are opposite, they give energy, they activate. So you’ve got quite a bit of opportunity, especially in your birthday month, between July 1st and 12th, it’s a really strong energy for you. And during that month of your birthday, strong energy means get physical, cancers. So during the summer you’re going to want to have a routine. Really good time to pick up your yoga, for Cancers, during the summer. But generally, for the whole year, because there’s so much opposition going on, you’re going to find yourself more disciplined. Cancer has discipline on its team.

Leo, this year it’s pretty unaffected. In Fall, when Mars goes into Aries, from the fall through the winter, there is some powerful energy coming towards you. And I would say to Leos, enjoy yourself in 2020. We need you to really shine, because all of the Earth signs are going to be working so hard, and there’s so much focus. You have an easier year, 2020 for Leos, just to give us their best.

Virgo, so supported. You’re an Earth sign, all that earth is supporting you. It’s so incredible that there’s all of these planets in Capricorn, and there’s Uranus in Taurus. When there’s the same element together, when you put a lot of Earth in the same room, what happens? They all start getting busy and getting stuff done. So Virgo, this is very easy for you, especially during your birth month.

Libra, this is a challenging year. You’ve got to change things up this year. Especially the first few months of the year. You gotta break your rhythm and change and insert new behaviors, because last year was so hard on you. So, make sure that you instill, whether it’s a new discipline, whether it’s breaking a rule, whether it’s starting therapy, somewhere where you’re going to feel like you’ve broken the patterns and you’ve slowed down, especially January/February, to create some new styles. Even in your clothes. Let there be change, Libra, this year. This is the word of change for Libra in 2020.

Scorpio, it’s a very easy year. Neptune is trining you, Jupiter is sextelling you. That’s an astrological term for it’s really easy. It’s an overall good year because you’re water, and there is so much earth. And Scorpio … I want to say that Mars goes into Aries from the spring, like April, all the way through the new year. There’s some Aries energy around to support you. So, Scorpio, get something done and feel the support you’re feeling about manifesting.

Sag, finally, you’re coming out of the dark. You’ve had two last years where they weren’t easy. This is a great year for you to travel, your favorite thing. Anybody born between the 6th and the 12th can find themselves having to face some addictions, some illusions. You’ve got a similar pattern, I said, during Virgo. This is a good time for you to really, Sagittarius, come out of the dark and give yourself some fun factor. What am I going to do this year? How do I punctuate my year with fun as a Sag?

Capricorn we did, it’s that non-stop pressure.

Aquarius, we’re almost done here. If you’re born January 21st to 25th, Saturn is going to be on your sun from March through … May. And that’s going to increase your sense of discipline. So, Aquarians, be prepared this year to take more responsibilities on. That’s going to be … it’s actually from April to July that it’s really strong. A siren is going to go off and you’re going to say, “Oh my god, I’m realizing now what Debra was saying, from the spring through summer, I really have to get myself focused and start that new, whatever it is.” Aquarius, this last of this year is going to really be a good opportunity for you to take on your discipline. Especially 2021, but you’re getting the foreshadowing of it in 2020 to start making some plans.

And last is Pisces. Born between March 6th to the 14th, you’re under the effect of Neptune, which means that your artistic impulse is really strong. So writing, poetry, painting, doing your art, giving yourself … and all of that Earth is supporting you. So from the first of the year, January through February, and then from I’m going to say the first six months, Pisces, give yourself permission to do your art, but make some discipline around it. All of that Capricorn is wanting to offer you discipline.

That was my short version of all twelve signs!

[068:24] Rachel: Woo-hoo! I need to applaud you.

Debra: Yeah, that wasn’t easy, but I wanted to give your … that’s just preview, yes. Thank you, thank you for the applause.

Rachel: [laugh] That was amazing. I am so grateful for you, always. I am so excited that you’re on I know the community is literally at the edge of their seat. So, so, so, so excited to continue learning from you. I know you have a big course that starts in January. So, for anyone who wants to deepen their learning and learn probably a lot more than I know [laugh] even at this point, they can do that course, right? When does that start?

Debra: Yeah, so it’s … a door opens to get information about it as early as December. So, all through December you can get on the waiting list, and the course starts at the end of January. It’s only six weeks, it’s only an hour and a half once … or two hours, once a week. And it’s online. The whole thing is online. So, feel free, all around the world we have only 10 people in each group. It’s very intimate. They study your chart before the class starts, and it’s very simple, and very rich. Like, you end up, at the end of the first level, going, “Now I get it!” So yes, that’s in January.

Rachel: No, it’s amazing. I did the course. Yeah, as you know, I did the course. But it was really enlightening. And I thought it was going to be … I don't know, I thought it was going to feel like studying, but it didn’t feel like studying, it felt like learning about myself. Which was beautiful.

Debra: Yes. It’s psychological! Exactly. It’s a psychology class, and it’s only taught in January and September, so you only get two options to do that. And it’s coming up soon. We’ll have two openings, and the classes are available to all of you Yoga Girl friends to come learn about the values of your deepest self.

Rachel: Yes, exactly! And you can find, of course, deep dives into all of the signs on right now. There’s going to be horoscope and astrology videos released continuously on the site, and also content on the elements, especially if you want to deepen a little bit more. And we have an amazing workbook, an astrology workbook that you get for free if you sign up on right now! So this is all … I feel like our … I was thinking about how we connected, you know, those … what was it? Two and a half years ago. Through Trevor and Nahko, and then you flew to Aruba on a whim, and then here we are. I’m so happy.

Debra: That’s called Destiny. Destiny has her way with us, and I’m so thankful that your chart and my chart have very similar … we both get so excited!

Rachel: So excited! I know. I need to go do my little dance around the house now. [laugh]

Debra: [laugh]

Rachel: Thank you so much for being the light that you are. Thanks for coming on the show. I love you and I hope to hug you in person soon.

Debra: Thank you so much for sharing my love for everyone being able to come back to their real selves and get comfortable and help this planet, for god’s sake. We need help!

Rachel: [laugh] And we’re getting it, we’re getting it, we’re on our way.

Debra: Yeah, that’s the truth, yeah.

Rachel: Thank you. For everyone listening, Yoga Girl Podcast will be back next week.

[End of Episode]