Everybody Poops. Let’s Talk About It!

Conversations from the Heart - August 13th 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Growth, Healing, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

We all poop! Why don’t we ever talk about it? Trigger warning: this episode gets really up close and personal on all things number two!

After having her first colon hydrotherapy session, Rachel became more intimate with her poop than ever before - and she shares all the deets!

What was the experience like? How did it feel? And what really came out of her? From someone who grew up feeling so embarrassed by poop, this experience taught Rachel so much about her own body, her relationship with food, and what specifically disagrees with her system.

But on a deeper level, Rachel unravels the shame behind pooping - especially as women who are taught we cannot have big bodily functions. We’ve all been there, but poop shouldn’t be a shameful topic!

This episode will inspire you to release many things, including the shame surrounding a completely normal and natural human experience.

Tune in for a safe space to let go… literally!

Key Takeaways

  • Women seem to experience so much more shame around poop compared to men. Why do we try to hide our normal, human bodily functions when men seem to discuss theirs openly?
  • What is your own relationship surrounding poop? Are you constantly embarrassed by it? Do you try to hide it? Now is the time to drop the shame!
  • You don’t need to do any specific health treatment just because you hear about it on a podcast. Always do your own research and see how the experience will resonate with you personally.
  • Have you ever stopped to consider your relationship with food? What are you putting into your system and how is it agreeing or disagreeing with your body?