Diversifying The Wellness Industry with Nicole Cardoza

Conversations from the Heart - July 31st 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Exciting Guests, Being of Service

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About the Episode

As students and teachers we have a responsibility to look at who is missing in our yoga classes, healing circles and retreats.

Healing tools should be available to all! Making a change begins with recognizing just how far we are from equity and diversity in the wellness industry - and taking active steps toward change, every day.

This week Rachel is joined by the fantastically fierce Nicole Cardoza. The two discuss how to diversify your yoga practice, support marginalized voices within the wellness field, and change the face of the wellness industry.

Now is a time to shine a light on the spaces we turn toward for healing – and who is missing from them.

Key Takeaways

  • Diversify your yoga practice by centering your classes and trainings around marginalized voices. Look for BIPOC-owned studios, brands, and teachers to support. Celebrate and invest in them!
  • It is possible to change the course of capitalism by changing where we spend our time and money. Try to focus on diversifying your spending and where you spend your time.
  • Invest in brands that represent the practice that you want to see. Start asking questions to people that are in a position of power on how they are diversifying, investing and highlighting BIPOC.
  • It takes all of us to shift a system. Regardless of any action, how big or small, join in and do the work.

More about Nicole

Nicole Cardoza is a yoga teacher, wellness expert, entrepreneur, investor, and more. As a strong voice in the anti-racism movement, Nicole has started anti-racism daily, a daily newsletter with actions you can take to dismantle white supremacy.

As the founder of both Yoga Foster, a national nonprofit that empowers educators with yoga and mindfulness for the classroom, and Reclamation Ventures, a fund that invests in high-potential, underestimated entrepreneurs making wellness more accessible, Nicole has re-invested over $2.5M from the wellness industry into communities that need it most.

Her work impacts over 100,000 students each year and has increased the health equity of communities across the U.S. She’s a 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30, 2020 Well+Good Changemaker, and the face of Nike’s Spring 2020 Nike Yoga campaign. Nicole speaks regularly on social impact, equity and health at foundations, schools and Fortune 500 companies.

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