Conscious Entrepreneurship - The Art of Doing Business With a Heart

Conversations from the Heart - November 8th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Business for Change

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About the Episode

How do you find a balance between remaining authentic while manifesting abundance? Are you struggling to grow your business, or putting a lot of energy into something but not receiving the energetic return?

In this week’s episode Rachel reflects on the art of doing business from the heart, why you should be paid fairly for your efforts (including in the yoga industry!), and the energetic exchange of time, effort, and money.

Having just released her own line of jewelry, Rachel shares her own early insecurities around money and how she found the confidence to trust her own intuition and move forward in her career.

Your vision, offerings, services, and businesses take inspiration, time, money and effort to create. Aiming to have an abundant life is not a shameful thing. Don’t let the fear of other people’s reactions hold you back!

This episode will remind you that it’s ok to make money, to want abundance, to create something from the heart and put it out into the world of business and commerce.

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