Come Home: Tend to the Earth and to Your Heart

Conversations from the Heart - December 10th 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Self-Love, Growth

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About the Episode

We are all just trying to find our way home.

Now, the time has finally come. If you’re lost, if you’re depleted, if you’re trying to figure out who you are, you need to drop everything and listen to this episode.

Today is the day that the Home Course is launched: a 7-week journey of nature based rituals and healing practices. Rachel has been manifesting this course for years now - and you’ve seen the hints over the past few months.

Today on the show, she shares everything it’s about from beginning to end, how the idea was sparked inside her, and what it looks like week by week.

Because when we align with the earth, when we walk barefoot, when we hug trees and take care of the land - we are automatically taking care of our hearts.

There is no time to waste. Tune in to begin.

Key Takeaways

  • The root cause of so much of our anxiety lies in our disconnect from nature. Come back home to the earth and you’ll come back home to yourself.
  • To take care of your heart, you need to take care of the earth. They are one and the same.
  • If your self-care practices aren’t working, look at how they incorporate nature.
  • The Home Course launches today! Visit to see what it’s all about.