Cancel Yoga Girl

Conversations from the Heart - August 14th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Exciting Guests, Healing

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About the Episode

Following the recent Aruban backlash from a social media post of Rachel’s, Rachel and Dennis are facing a situation they have never experienced before: feeling unwelcome and unsafe in their own home. In today’s episode, Dennis interviews Rachel to discuss the entire series of events that have unfolded.

After living in Aruba for 10 years, having residency, being married to an Aruban, promoting the island endlessly and working hard to raise money and awareness for the abuse of women, children and animals on the island, Rachel is shocked and saddened by the situation they are currently facing.

Cancel culture is real and exists for a reason. It is important to call out individuals so they can learn and do better. But does a poorly timed, out of context opinion warrant harassment, abuse and death threats?

This episode is a chance for Rachel and Dennis to explain where Rachel’s story post was coming from, offer sincere apologies to anyone negatively affected, and to also share the darker side of cancel culture and social media.

Tune in for a genuine and heartfelt episode on the entire story behind the attempt to cancel Yoga Girl.

Key Takeaways

  • If you have a larger platform online, it is your duty to make sure that environment is safe for everyone. It is okay to call people out and ask them to do better, but it is not okay to harass and abuse others – even if they are on your ‘side’. The line between calling out and abusing is not thin.
  • Take time to do your own research and discover your own opinion on sensitive topics before you react. Posts are often taken out of context and do not show the full story.
  • Aruba is not a reflection of this backlash. Aruba is a safe and happy place to vacation. Cancel culture exists everywhere and often goes too far.
  • If you feel touched or called to donate after the conversation about child abuse, which has seen a spike since lockdown, please consider donating to the Yoga Girl Foundation.
  • When you are ready to travel, put Aruba on the top of your list for its amazing white sandy beaches, turquoise ocean, beautiful wildlife and the many adventures the island has to offer.