A Mother’s Vulnerable Sharing: Birth, Death, and Everything in Between

Conversations from the Heart - June 3rd 2022

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Motherhood, Family, Love, Healing

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About the Episode

The love that comes with motherhood is immense - but then so are the fears as well.

It’s like living with your heart outside of your body.

But is there a point where normal fears cross over into being obsessive thoughts that inhibit your ability to live a normal life?

On today’s episode, Rachel contemplates this notion after her daughter, Lea had a recent sickness that shook Rachel to her core. It brought her back to those first moments of motherhood, when the fear of something happening to her daughter was too big to even acknowledge or consciously recognize.

She goes on to share a very intimate story about Lea’s birth and a recent epiphany she had about when it was time to push.

Perhaps the reason our love is so immense is because we know it’s fleeting and fragile. With risk comes faith, with the unknown comes trust, and with a mother’s heart comes all the love and fears that seem impossible for one person to hold.

Today’s episode may be a sign that you are ready to alchemize your fear into something new. Tune in to anchor into trust.

Trigger Warning: This episode discusses birth, fear of death, and the sickness of a child. Listen gently.

Key Takeaways

  • Two of the biggest challenges in the journey of motherhood are the immense love and the immense fear felt.
  • There are manageable levels of fear that we all feel, but sometimes we cross over into unmanageable fear.
  • Unmanageable fear inhibits your ability to live and enjoy life. You constantly picture worst case scenarios.
  • It’s hard to listen to our intuition if our nervous system is anchored into the worst case scenarios.
  • The fleetingness and fragility of life makes our faith in love even greater.