Healing Tools For Free, For Everyone, Forever - Yoga Girl x 29k

Conversations from the Heart - February 14th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Lifestyle, Being of Service, Exciting Guests

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About the Episode

Up until now, having the tools to heal past pain has been something afforded only by a privileged few.

What if there was a way to make tools for personal development and healing accessible to everyone? In this episode, Rachel is joined by her dear friend, 29k co-founder and expert on happiness research, Erik Fernholm. Together with the 29k team, they have created an app that offers the tools and processes of therapy, for free!

Most of us need some form of support to cope with our human experience. 29k is an app that you download that offers you tools, connections and exercises scientifically proven to help you heal – all you need is access to the internet and a smartphone.

29k’s goal is to change 5 million people’s lives in 5 years. Right now, we are living in a system that is built on sorrow and pain, however the birthplace of a sustainable future starts with our mental health. Once we heal the parts of ourselves that are broken, we become better neighbors, friends, parents, humans.

This episode will help you to understand the background behind 29k and how it works, as well as why this is so incredibly important for the future of humanity. If you heal your pain it impacts the rest of your life, creating a ripple effect that will be the birth of a more sustainable future. When we heal, the world heals too.

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Key Takeaways

  • You need 3 main things to heal yourself: healing tools that match your needs, a practice over time, and human connection.
  • The power of sharing and being heard, in a safe and trusted environment, is INCREDIBLY healing.
  • It is our responsibility as humans to do the work to heal, so that we may become better members of society, better parents, friends, and neighbors.
  • The more you work on your inner world, the more positive impact you have on the outer world.
  • 29k is a FREE app! All you need is a smartphone and access to the internet. Your healing can begin right now.

More About Erik Fernholm

Erik Fernholm is a husband, new father, and a dear friend of Rachel’s. After losing his Olympian father at a young age due to complications with steroid use, Erik spent his life researching happiness – and that is where 29K comes in. Erik co-founded the 29K mission, and together with Rachel, created the Self Compassion course found on the app.

“We need to change the story of what it means to be human. It’s not about us as individuals. We need to become really good listeners and much humbler in the way that we navigate the world and the way we run companies and governments. We need to understand that we are so incredibly interconnected.” – Erik Fernholm

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More About 29k

In this exciting new collaboration between Yoga Girl® and 29k, you are invited to join in the world’s first personal growth program combining the best science-based tools with deep human connection. Available wherever you are, whenever you need it, for free.

When you download the app, you will be invited to join Rachel’s 8-week course on self-compassion. Join Rachel as she shares her personal experience going through both the heavy and light-hearted exercises as an honest, willing participant. Then share your story as well.

You will receive daily evidence-based practices to help you learn how to identify when you are overly critical of yourself, understand why you do it and how it affects you. Most importantly, you will explore a more constructive way of relating to yourself.

Perhaps the most important part of this app is the true human connection you can find. You will find yourself, and others who feel the same. The course begins by assigning you to a group of participants. You will laugh, cry, and share your experiences using chat and live video, using many proven methods to make you feel comfortable opening up.

“Sharing might be the most important part of this course, for me. It’s so different from regular conversation. So doing a sharing where somebody just holds the space for me to talk is a way for me to go much deeper. And usually, I find that I already have all the answers. I just need someone there to listen.” – Rachel

Find 29k on the App Store, or click here.

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