Inner View: Self-Guided Beginner's Level 1 Applied Astrology

Designed for students interested in deep personal and spiritual growth. Level 1 will help you understand the language of astrology, read your own astrological chart, and discover your life’s purpose. Payment plans are available.

  • Understand the gifts of each sign
  • Learn how to read your own natal birth chart
  • Discover how the elements and the planets affect you
  • Explore how astrology can lead to more empathy for yourself and others

Designed for students interested in deep personal and spiritual growth. Level 1 will help you understand the language of astrology, read your own astrological chart, and discover your life’s purpose.

Unlike the full Level 1 Applied Astrology course, Inner View is completely self-guided and does not include any live sessions or mentor guidance.

During this course, you will:

  • Discover what's possible for your life when you understand how to use Astrology to navigate your world.

  • Learn the basics of understanding your birth chart, including the elements, the signs, and the planets.

  • Learn how Astrology can help you finally be able to answer the very difficult, yet important questions in your life, like: “What is my purpose?”, “Why am I here?” and “How can I love myself?”

  • By the end of this course, you’ll have a concrete foundation in Astrology and will be able to read and understand many basic aspects of your own chart; you might even be able to begin understanding the charts of family and friends!

Inner View Beginner's Level 1 Applied Astrology Modules:

PRE-CLASS MODULE: Understanding the 12 Zodiac Signs

To get the FULL benefit of astrology, it’s important to have the fundamentals first. That’s why you'll gain instant access to this module as soon as you sign up. This includes learning the signs, their symbols, their qualities, their elements, and more. You’ll study all of this like you would learn the alphabet, so you’re prepared for the following modules.

This Module Includes:

  • A “cheat sheet” that you can study from, with all of the information laid out simply.
  • 12 videos demonstrating the signs. You’ll see exactly how the signs show up in real life, what they look like, and become emotionally connected with them. You’ll be able to discover how each sign has been showing up in your life, relationships, work, and more.
  • A fun assignment to help you memorize the material quickly and be able to play Debra's favorite astrology game!

MODULE 1: Your Natal Chart and the 4 Elements of Astrology

You'll begin by getting a visual of your natal chart. To simplify and make it easy to an absolute beginner (or even an advanced student), you're going to talk in-depth about the elements. This is the very beginning of your journey. By the time you’re finished with this module, you’ll have a clear understanding of the four elements, their qualities, and their relationship with your life.

This Module Includes:

  • Personality questionnaire determining your personality traits. Once you know your missing element, you’ll be given homework to develop it. This is where people’s lives get changed.
  • Excerpts from Debra's best-selling book, The Missing Element.
  • Specific homework assignments you can do to wake up your missing element(s).

MODULE 2: Mercury and Your Mind

Mercury is one of the most important planets to understand. Mercury rules the mind; the mind determines your reality. Learning about Mercury is like being able to see your thoughts in the rear-view mirror. You’ll learn about the Observer. When you understand your mind, you’ll also access your superpowers.

This Module Includes:

  • Discover where Mercury shows up in your chart, so you can discover how your mind works in its most natural and free-flowing state.
  • Journaling prompts to notice your repetitive thought processes that may be sabotaging you from moving forward.
  • A powerful 7-minute exercise that will allow you to “see into your mind” more clearly than ever before.

MODULE 3: North Node – The Shortcut to Enlightenment

If you want wisdom…if you want answers…you’ll want to learn about your North Node. This is why there's a full module devoted to this topic. This is the week people find their greatest value, based on the information they discover about their shadow.

This Module Includes:

  • Find out where your North Node is, so you can stretch towards it and be in your spiritual lane on the right highway. You’re also going to discover where your South Node is, which represents the tendencies you fall back on when life gets tough.
  • Affirmations, permission slips, and homework assignments for each North Node sign.
  • Creating a personal “North Node Guide” that will deepen your relationship with your North Node. This Guide will help both your conscious and subconscious mind stay on track with your North Node.

MODULE 4: Understanding Saturn – Finding Your Purpose in Life

Saturn is the timekeeper of the zodiac. It ensures that you’ll accomplish what you’re here for. If you are seeking information on why you’re here and what your soul’s purpose is…you’re going to love this module. At the completion of Module 4, you’ll have much more direction and clarity in your life – something that many people go their whole lives without.

This Module Includes:

  • Studying what your life lesson is and where it’s affecting you in your life.
  • Once learning your lessons, compassion begins. This will help you to have understanding for yourself, no matter where you are in your journey.
  • You’ll discover what you can start doing NOW to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

Begin your journey through personal and spiritual growth today by learning to love all aspects of yourself and your personality through the cosmic wisdom of astrology!

Payment plans are available.

Would you prefer to learn with the guidance of a mentor? Join live video sessions to dig deep into your chart and more of the foundations of astrology with the full Beginner's Level 1 Applied Astrology course available twice a year!

What's Included

Learn the Basics

Decipher your natal birth chart and learn how to understand the symbology of the planets, the elements, the zodiac signs, and more!

Online Classroom

On the first day of class, you’ll get access to your online learning platform, which includes video lessons, exercises, transcripts, meditations, and step-by-step directions to help you understand astrology and apply it to your life. You can work through this material at your own pace.

A 115-Page Student Guidebook

Includes everything you need to master reading your own chart!

Private Community Access

As part of your purchase, you'll gain access to the exclusive and private Applied Astrology community group to connect with fellow students, alumni, and mentors all sharing their questions and realizations while cheering each other on!

Applied Astrology Support Team

If you ever get stuck or need additional support, it'll be easy to reach out to Debra's team. They're available throughout the program to make sure you’re taken care of and get all your questions answered.

Projects to Help You Absorb the Material

The course material requires memorization and application to fully put the material to good use. You'll have a little homework (it's all fun!) to help you better understand the concepts.