Healing the Heart Retreat w/ Rachel Brathen & Shubhaa Fisher

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today December 5 - 11, 2019 location_on Aruba

Welcome to the Caribbean

Welcome to this special retreat that combines yoga, meditation, passionate living and an incredible opportunity to heal the heart. This Retreat will be offering daily yoga together with inner inquiries that supports loving and sustainable personal development. Our program will include therapeutic sessions, breath work, deep body connection, and time to connect with nature.

This retreat is led by our founder, Rachel Brathen, and together with Path of Love worker Shubhaa Fisher. Rachel has inspired thousands of people through life changing workshops, retreats and trainings for nearly a decade. Shubhaa Fisher is an esteemed teacher who holds a degree in Psychology and is specialized in Relationship Therapy, Counseling, Trauma Healing, Breath Therapy, NLP, Bioenergetic BodyWork and Mediation. She is an international leader in the Path of Love process in Europe and South America. She shares her experiences as a woman, friend, wife, mother and seeker.

Please find a provisional sample schedule below.

Healing The Heart Sample Schedule


We offer 3 different accomodations options at Beautiful Costa Esmeralda Village. Located a short 5 minute walk from Island Yoga, it offers a refreshing, comfortable, intimate atmosphere.

$2,750 USD

$2,850 USD

$2,900 USD

$3,230 USD


Meet your Guides

Rachel Brathen
Rachel Brathen

Founder & CEO, Certified Yoga Teacher

Hi! I'm Rachel Brathen; a Swedish native, New York Times best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and international yoga teacher living in Aruba with my husband Dennis and our baby girl Lea Luna. After graduating from school in Stockholm, I traveled to Costa Rica where I found the joy of incorporating yoga into my everyday life. Deepening my yoga practice and beginning teaching, I moved to Central America where I spent years exploring the intricate studies of yoga and spirituality. After moving to Aruba early 2010, I began teaching yoga full time. My classes are a dynamic Vinyasa Flow integrating alignment, core work, and breathing techniques with basic poses and creative sequencing, but asana is only a small piece of the work we do in the yoga shala. I incorporate holistic therapeutic tools like sharing, active listening and journaling in every session and there is a deep level of heart healing at the center of every class I teach. My classes serve the purpose of deepening a connection not only to ourselves, but with the people around us. I love to share pieces of my life with the world! I do so every day through social media and you will find me traveling all over the world to connect with the amazing community I call home. I am the founder of www.oneOeight.com; an online platform for yoga, meditation, and healing. As the most successful crowd-funded yoga project of all time, the platform is made up of a vast community of dedicated practitioners from all over the world looking to cultivate balance, create space for inner healing and deepen their yoga practice. With an amazing team of experienced guides and teachers, oneOeight offers heart-centered classes designed to fit the always evolving needs of body, mind and soul. In 2016, Dennis and I opened Island Yoga - the largest yoga studio in the Caribbean, boasting two shalas, a boutique, an organic café and offices for our team. Visit www.islandyoga.com for information on teacher trainings, workshops and to see the upcoming schedule! Giving back to the community has always been at the center of all of my initiatives – with the help of awesome staff and volunteers I run two non-profit organizations: Sgt Pepper’s Friends; an animal rescue foundation based in Aruba and Yoga Girl® Foundation, benefitting women and children in need.

Shubhaa Fisher
Shubhaa Fisher

Psychology and Trauma Healing Expert Contributor

From Brazil, Shubhaa holds a degree in Psychology. She is specialized in Relationship Therapy, Counseling, Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing®). Breath Therapy, NLP, Bioenergetic, BodyWork and Meditation. Shubhaa is one of the leaders of the international Path of Love process in Europe and South of America. In Brazil she is a co-founder of Osheanic International. She shares around the world her life experiences as a woman, friend, wife, mother and seeker. To unfold our spirituality and inner potential as human beings is her passion, dedication and commitment. __She is also certified in:__ - Trauma Therapy (Somatic Experiencing Institute – Dr Peter Levine) - Rebirthing (Breath Therapy) - Encounter Therapy - Bodywork Therapy (Method – Kusum Modak) - Brainspotting (Trauma Healing – David Grand) - TRE (Trauma Release Exercises – Dr. David Berceli) - Bio-Energetic Therapy - Shubhaa is leading seminars and individual sessions in Europe and Brazil. Since 1990, Shubhaa has dedicated her life to working with people, sharing her gifts and talents with others who are also longing to develop themselves personally and spiritually.

What You Get

6 Restful Nights

Lodging for 6 nights (7 days) at Costa Esmeralda, an easy 5 minute walk from Island Yoga.

Intimate Circle Sharings

Tap into your deeper self and take part in group healing exercises.


Daily meditation

Three Meals Per Day

Enjoy gourmet vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Healing Yoga

Gentle and healing yoga sessions.

Airport Shuttle Service

We’ll handle transportation on the first day of the retreat and last day of the festival.

SUP Yoga Class

Add the environment and peaceful water to your yoga.