We are creating a new lifestyle, movement and brand to heal and change the world. Everyone can be a Yoga Girl.

Welcome to Yoga Girl®.

We are a community, a movement and a lifestyle.

It is our core belief that to heal the world we must first heal ourselves, and that inner and outer work goes hand in hand. Our mission is to provide support for healing and to expand self-love into a modern lifestyle so that we can find the ground from which to give. We look within… So we can look up. Being able to do this work is a privilege. With tools like yoga, meditation, holistic therapy and mental health support made accessible for everyone we lay the foundation for a community that not only holds each other up when times are hard, but that inspires hope and creates change for people in need. It is through community that we are able to make a genuine difference in this world around us. We build community through words. Through practice. Through service. In person and online. We are love, in action. We are Yoga Girl®.


In order to change the world we must first begin with ourselves. Being of true service requires us to look within and seek out what’s needed to heal our own hearts. Healing requires courage – and it means we have to do the work.

We allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to share our shortcomings, our struggles, and our pain. We do what’s needed to uncover the infinite love we already hold within and we use the many tools available to us in order to bring more light into the dark. And once we’ve found that first spark of light? We use it to make fireworks. We light up the whole world. We harness our ability to create magic and by understanding that true happiness is always shared, we use our abundance to provide for mother earth and for communities in need.

The hardest part is showing up. You’re already here, so… Welcome. Not everyone can touch their toes – and it’s not the point. But everyone can do the work. Everyone can look within. To feel. To move. To breathe. It’s not about changing who we are but peeling back the layers to uncover who we’ve always been at our core. So that we can show up for the rest of the world, as we are, together. We’re not saying you have to change the world. Just be brave enough to try. Be a Yoga Girl.

Our Core Values

It starts with me…

We all have wounds to heal. Baggage to let go of. Pieces of the puzzle to figure out. We believe that yoga, meditation, holistic therapy and sharing our experience with people who feel the same are incredible tools to support us on the path toward inner healing. A daily yoga practice can serve as an anchor when the going gets rough. Learning how to quiet the mind can bring us from panic to peace (or, at the very least, from panic to less panic). Sharing our stories and holding space for others to share theirs lets us know that we are not alone. By practicing self-care and supporting our body, mind and soul in ways accessible to us, life just gets a little easier to manage.

…but it doesn’t end there.

Inner healing comes along with a big realization: we are all here for a reason. And we’re in this together. At Yoga Girl®, we believe less in finding one single life purpose and more in finding ways to be purposeful in our day-to-day. Living a life of service is stepping into a cycle of compassion that will not only enrich our own lives but also the lives of people around us. When our cup begins to overflow we simply must use our abundance and privilege to be of service in ways available to us. There are many ways to give. We believe in making conscious choices. In supporting organizations that do important work. In choosing wisely so that we spend our money, time and energy in places that resonate with our own core values. In voicing our opinions with respect and standing up for what we believe in. And, of course, by showing up for our community; local and global.

We Are A Community

The Yoga Girl community is not only the heart and soul of who we are but the brain, legs, lungs, eyes and connective tissue. It’s everything! Our community lies at the beginning and end of everything we do. What makes us special? We have a common goal: we want to feel good. And we want others to feel good, too. We know that to feel good we have to do good – one can’t live without the other. So we raise each other up. We support each other. We exchange stories, journeys, hardships. We share not only our joy and excitement about the world, but our pain and our shortcomings, too. We dare to be vulnerable and reap the immediate reward of learning that we are not alone. We all feel the same things, just not always at the same time. The Yoga Girl community is a safe space. All is welcome here.

We Are A Movement

Being able to do this type of spiritual, emotional and physical work is a privilege. It is our responsibility to use our privilege to be of service and to aid in the healing needed on local and global scale. A Yoga Girl knows the importance of speaking up when faced with injustice, and that “love and light” means very little if it does not come accompanied by real action. As a community, we do not shy away from difficult conversations. We are humble, and willing to learn. We are activists. Feminists. We believe in equality, fairness, justice and a world where every man, woman and child feels safe and whole. Our focus lies with women and children through our work with Yoga Girl Foundation, but no one is excluded.

We are A Lifestyle

Living a heart-centered life of service to ourselves and others does not mean we have to renounce all of our belongings. We do not have to move to the Himalayas, or become celibate, or even practice yoga every day. There is no “have to”. Being a Yoga Girl is a lifestyle and with it, comes with an array of options. Do you need $100 yoga pants to soften your heart in child’s pose? No. Do you need a cool, new t-shirt to tap into your breath and remind yourself to stay present in the midst of struggle? No. Do you need to add any material additions to your life to embrace this lifestyle? Absolutely not. At Yoga Girl, we have created a selection of products available to you if you are looking for a more conscious option. Want to add fun, quirky, sustainably made gems to your life? Go right ahead! Are they necessary? No. Our products are created to help sustain Yoga Girl Foundation and absolutely everything we create is made with love and immense care. We will serve as a compass to help guide your way in the challenging maze the industry of yoga has become.

We Stay Authentic

We try our best – every day. We don’t fake it. At Yoga Girl®, we know life isn’t always Instagram worthy. If we share our stories with the world, we make sure to share both our highs and our lows. The extraordinary and the mundane. Most of life happens in the in between and real beauty lies in the unfiltered, the honest, the painful, the boring, the everyday. By showing up in an authentic way without pretending, we give other people permission to do the same. We don’t have to be perfect. We just have to show up.

We Practice Loving Kindness

We show up with love –for ourselves, for the people around us and for this earth that connects us all. Our hearts beat with compassion for all beings. All our products and initiatives are cruelty free and 100% vegan. We Do No Harm (and We Take No Shit) Living a conscious, compassionate life does not mean letting people walk all over you. We know when it’s time to be the yogi – when to meet the world with peace – and when it’s time to be the warrior and fight for what is right. We are activists at our core and do not shy away from taking a stand for what we believe in. Changing the world requires action, and by doing the inner work we align with our truest source of power. This way, we can stand tall and take action against injustice with our heads held high, knowing our actions stem from our hearts.

We Feel to Heal

We know that to heal pain, it must first be felt. We live with our hearts wide open and we process by sharing our experience and by asking for help when we need it. By speaking our pain out loud, instead of allowing it to consume us, we use it for fuel.

We All Belong

We believe in diversity and inclusion. Contrary to what the media tells us, yoga is not only for the thin, white flexible woman. This practice is for everyone. No matter your age, gender, size, weight, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious belief, level of experience or background – you belong here. At Yoga Girl®, we discriminate against no one and fight for inclusion and diversity not only in the yoga world but everywhere.

We Honor Our Roots

We recognize and deeply honor the roots of the yoga practice. We appreciate – we don’t appropriate. By practicing with respect and deep knowledge of the practice and its roots, we remain connected to and grateful for the Indian culture it stems from. We use tools that assist us in the practice respectfully, acknowledging our responsibility in furthering the education of them. It is our duty to maintain the integrity of the practice and we support each member of our community in deepening their learning.

We Are Yoga Girl – But Not Just For Girls

Each person has a right to define their own gender identity. Yoga Girl® is a lifestyle and a movement open to and inclusive of all. Our apparel does not distinguish between male and female, but allows space for each person to dress according to style rather than gender identification.

We Do Good and Play Fair

We have a role to play and a responsibility to help make the world a better place. At Yoga Girl®, we do this by embracing transparency, by speaking truthfully and by remaining true to our core values. We promise to always work with individuals and companies who support ethical practices and will never put a bottom line higher than our vow to our community. We will always act with fairness and integrity to protect not only our brand, our community and our customers but also the earth we walk upon. Our products are sustainably made with the wellbeing of every person involved in mind.

We Know The Time Is Now

There is so much healing needed in this world. It is by uniting and coming together for the greater good that we will make a real change. A practice of self-love and loving kindness is the core of Yoga Girl® because we know that it is only from a sense of wholeness that we can be of true service. We are a small company with big heart, and we are brave enough to pave our own way. We take risks and when we get knocked down, we get back up. In all that we do, we move forward together with love, fairness, and passion.

Our Culture

Be who you are. We believe in you first. We celebrate individuality and community.

The Yoga Girl® culture is to allow each person to be who they truly are – without having to hide, or fix, or change. It is the heart and soul of everything we do. We celebrate individuality and never lose sight of the fact that we exist because of our own need for inner healing and the needs of our community at large. We come from diverse backgrounds with different points of view, and together benefit from each other's differences and similarities.

We believe that in order to change the world, we must first begin with ourselves. This requires us to look within and seek out what’s needed to heal our own hearts. Healing requires courage – and it means we have to do the work.

We contribute to our community with what we do, what we say, and what we create. Everyone participates. We work together with like-minded and heart-centered people who hold each other accountable and do the work necessary to move forward.

We Make a Difference

We are an ethical and fierce voice for change.

By encouraging change through vulnerability, we help you realize your sense of power and self-worth. Yoga Girl® mediates trust, love and respect. Do no harm — take no shit.

Together with our global community, we are an ethical and fierce voice through the power of community and connection.

Be a Yoga Girl.

We Do This 3 Ways

  1. In our daily practice
  2. In self awareness & education
  3. Together with our community

Our Company

Founded in 2018, the Yoga Girl® group of companies is the coming together of several different organizations, all created by our founder Rachel Brathen, Yoga Girl. Our mission is to create a new lifestyle platform to support individual healing and use our collective efforts to help change the world.

We are proud of the work we do, and we cannot do this work alone. All of our team members and partner organizations believe that change is possible. We believe in working hard by carving new paths and together we bring a new kind of value to the world through the Yoga Girl® mission: healing what’s on the inside so we can aid in the massive healing needed in the outside world.