Katrina Corner

Hi! I’m Katrina. My role within the Yoga Girl Dream Team is to welcome and support all applicants in their process of applying to, and arriving for, our Retreat and Training Programmes. I’ll be that friendly face that everyone is hoping to find when they walk through a new door, so leave your worries at home and prepare for the journey of a life time!

How did I end up here? I guess the short answer is that I chose to take the path less travelled. As I approached my thirtieth birthday stumbled upon an uncomfortable truth that simply couldn’t be untold. I looked up and realised that, despite ‘having it all’ on paper, I was dangerously far from happy...

So I took a deep breath asked the universe for some guidance and jumped! Saying ‘yes’ to life and following an internal spark led me through four years of incredible adventures from working for Arabic royalty, to travelling and teaching for the Dubai elite, before delivering me to my vision board dream... of running a wellness retreat (in the desert!), completing my Island Yoga Teacher Training and now... supporting this incredible Yoga Girl Community as the official ‘Mumma Bear’.

So excited to be a part of this evolving space and super honored to be supporting and serving within it. See you soon! x