Stephanie Birch

I came for the sweat and found a way of life. I was a long-time athlete looking for a challenge and was hooked from my very first yoga class. It wouldn’t be until years later that I connected with the practice on a deeper level, outside of the perceived “fitness trend.” After my son was born, I turned to my mat in a life-saving-and-changing way and the practice ignited my greatest purpose: to serve and give back to others. The practice of yoga is simple, be yourself. I believe that showing up for yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and to this world. I am passionate about encouraging others to move, breathe, feel, and heal on and off their yoga mats. My hope is that we come together to love and lift each other as we navigate through this thing we call “life.”

In my everyday life, I’m a play-at-home mama, yoga teacher, life photographer, writer, artist, Tahoe-lover, a sucker for dark chocolate, dark beer, and a life well-lived. You can find me on my mat teaching with a wide-open heart in Sacramento, CA and online at

Meet Stephanie Birch

February 20

Authentically You Retreat w/ Rachel Brathen and Stephanie Birch

with Rachel Brathen and Stephanie Birch

Join us in Aruba for a magical retreat centered around making peace with our past, shedding layers, anchoring into self-love and making our way to our authentic, true selves. Six days of the perfect blend of yoga, meditation, self-discovery, writing and fun! You will enjoy community, art and creative activities combined with the soothing power of the sun and the ocean to help you find your way back home.

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