Why the Moments That Matter the Most Are the Ones That Go Unnoticed

Notice the Moments In Between The Rest

I live for the little moments in between. Not the moments when I cross the finish line of a goal, not the events that make headlines, but those moments that usually aren’t even noticed.

Those are the moments that give me a belly of butterflies.

Like opening the drapes in the morning and watching the first sunlight of the day filter in through the window.

Or sitting down on my yoga mat with a cup of tea; I’m not in my practice yet, just breathing in the steam from the cup and anticipating the breath and movement to come.

The moment when I’m walking the dogs and pause on a cliff to breathe in the ocean, waves crashing beneath me.


Or when I’ve made a beautiful meal and wait a second to devour it, witnessing everything perfect and colorful on my plate.

Then there are those moments when I look up from my computer to see my husband working on something, brow furrowed in contemplation. And I notice how beautiful he is.

You know when you see someone every day, and after a while you get used to their magnificence?

Once a day or so, I get that little revelation of “Goddammit – how I love this man.”

It takes my breath away a little.

Yoga Girl 003683

Yoga Girl 017415

These moments might not be the big ones, the ones you celebrate or tell someone about… But they make up our days, these in-betweens.

They add magic to everything, even the things we often cast off and ignore as unimportant. When we become aware of those unimportant things, they often reveal the most magic of all.

Like everything that’s held in the pause between an inhale and an exhale.

The key to noticing these magical moments is presence. Be aware of everything that is making up this exact moment, right where you are.

Simply pay attention and you’ll see:

There are everyday miracles happening all around.

Tell me, what miracles have you noticed today? Share in the comments below!



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