Want to Manifest Your Dreams? You Might be Forgetting This Important Step

Do you dream in secret? That might be your problem! If I’ve learned anything about manifesting my dreams, it’s this.

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But first, I’m curious… When you were a child, and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, what did you say? Did you grow up to be that person, or did you eventually convince yourself it wasn’t the right choice?

Maybe you simply changed interests. But I bet you can think of 1 thing you have dreamed of and then decided against because something, or someone, made you doubt it.

That doubt is contagious, especially when it comes to dreams. It can make you start doubting your other dreams and doubting yourself, and then your goals become nothing more than secret desires locked away and unfulfilled your whole life.

That is no way to live!!

We need to spend more time dreaming and less time listing off all the reasons why we can’t have what we so deeply desire. Bottom line: you don't know until you try. And you are here on this earth to try!

Because all is possible.

Say it with me: All is possible!

I remember back when I used to dream about traveling the world.

Then becoming a yoga teacher.

Then taking my teachings global.

Then buying a house.

Then writing and publishing a book.

Then starting up an online platform for yoga and meditation.

Then launching a global mission foundation to help people in need.

Then founding an animal rescue.

Then opening my own yoga studio.

Then opening a boutique.

Then opening a restaurant.

Then writing a second book.

Then leading my own teacher trainings.

Then buying an apartment in Sweden.

Then creating an ethical line of clothing.

Then launching a foundation for women and children

I've checked off every dream I've ever come across so far. Proving that ALL IS POSSIBLE! And there is no limit to what you can create when your intentions are pure, and you commit to doing the work.

Think about it this way…

“A wish is a desire without energy.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

To manifest your dreams, believe in yourself and fuel each dream with positive energy.

Just a few of my future dreams are:

  • Take Island Yoga global and open several yoga studios in different parts of the world.
  • Open a retreat center somewhere magical.
  • Buy a little lot with a view in Costa Rica.
  • Launch a badass music, art and yoga festival (to break the norm!).
  • Create a line of jewelry.
  • Start a magazine for women focused on self-love.
  • And of course, save the world with 109 World and Sgt. Pepper’s Friends.

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My advice to you and your dreams is simple:

1. Let yourself dream. 2. Speak your dreams OUT LOUD! It's the first step to making real magic happen!!!

That’s it! If you don’t speak your dreams out loud, you won’t believe in them nearly as much. Your voice gives them strength, and it inspires other people to follow their own dreams!

I will keep writing down my own dreams and saying them out loud, and I will show up to make them happen. Are you with me?

A new year is just around the corner; what are you dreaming of? What's on your vision board (if only in your mind)? Dream it, speak it, do it!

And in case nobody has told you lately, no dream of yours is too big, too bold, too risky, too anything! You are worthy of every one of your wildest dreams.

Believe in yourself, trust the universe and get to work.

Light the spark and share your dreams in the comments below!



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