Community Is Everything To Me Right Now

In June, I completed another yoga teacher training. The training was held at the studio that introduced me to my very first practice. Going through this program felt a little “full circle” for me. I feel an attachment to this place, even before signing up for their teacher training.

Steve and I used to go on “yoga dates” to this studio when we were newly dating. It’s the first place I paired sweat with tears. Over the years, I’ve gently nudged people to this studio to find their yoga. I’ve followed teachers who’ve trained and taught here and followed them onto their studio endeavors.

Some places just feel like hubs.

A center for growth and transformation.

A place for curiosity and discovery.

A place to be seen, held, and supported — no matter what.

I very much need such support hubs in my life. More than ever, I crave connection with other people in my community.

For many years, my practice was mostly solitary. Which is wonderful because, thankfully, this practice can be done alone. Especially, if you have a kid attached to your hip. Mostly, my practice was just that — get it in where I could fit it in, often with my little dude running around me.

Part of aloneness, for me, is that I kept myself isolated. Which, in turn, made me feel disconnected from people, or not having a sense of community. Apart from sharing my words online with others, I longed for in-person connection and community. I need to be around people, ones I can turn to, that lift and ignite me, and I them.

This connection is vital. In every single hub I have in my life.

That means getting my butt out there to practice yoga with others.

Asking for help when I need; when I’m afraid and when I don’t want to.

Co-creating with other teachers on and off the mat, online and in the studio.

Supporting others in their growth and transformation; being a YES for others as well as myself.

I am working on this heart to heart connection because it is absolutely necessary to be in community.

For my sanity.

For my growth.

For my life.

My hope for you is that have at least one hub in your life. If not more, where you can be seen, heard and encouraged — no matter what. Having these support systems in place is a basic human need, it is deep within our bones.

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