The Sea Within

We are always being guided. Always. There is a voice that doesn’t necessarily have a language, rather, a deep knowing truth that lands within our bones. One of my favorite words to describe this inner-knowing is InnSæi, an ancient Icelandic word for intuition.

It is beautifully described as “the sea within” having multiple meanings; it represents the “borderless nature of our inner world, a constantly moving world of vision, feelings and imagination beyond words.” (InnSæi – the Power of Intuition). I often speak of this word and/or the power of intuition while teaching my classes. I truly believe that we all have this inner wisdom, a deep knowing of life and purpose. It lives in your heart, your love-center.

Intuition is like a muscle, the more you develop and use it, the stronger and more reliable it becomes. The things you learn, will guide you. Like yoga, your intuition use is a practice. It is not something you can force, it takes nurturing, experience and time. Like yoga poses, we cannot force ourselves into them. Our yoga practice is meant to be steady and at ease. The breath allows us to move freely, I like to think of it as a practice of being powerfully-soft. The strongest warriors are often the softest and most nurturing humans.

We can practice the heart of intuition by moving the body with our breath. Allowing the air to cleanse and release from the tensions of the world. Moving your body in a way that goes beyond what is offered, beyond instruction. Getting to know your physical body, taking a modification or a resting pose in a yoga class can be a great start to feeling what your body needs. Moving in such a way without a need to explain or excuse is one of the most loving things you can do in your practice and developing your inner guidance. Your practice becomes a moving meditation that connects with nature; moves like water, energizes like wind, dances with fire, and softens unto the earth. Over time and through practice it becomes second nature to move the feeling-body.

Another way we can connect deeply with our inner wisdom is to go out in nature and be one with the forest, mountains, desert, oceans, lakes, rivers, and landscapes that have little to no disruption made by Man. Simply, stepping outside for a long walk in the hills, collecting dirt between your toes. Planting your bum in the sea or prickles of grass. If you can, let your entire body be bare in nature, like the day you came into this world. Feel the sun on your back or rain dance on your skin. Listen to the trees, howl of the wind, bubbling of streams, or the crash of the ocean. Sit with the purest form of purpose that this earth offers. We can lean into the wild and learn. Everything in nature doing its part, working alongside, right on time.

We all have this innate wisdom. It is not necessarily a language with words. Often, it comes in the form of feeling. Like when we feel a lump in our throat or a pit in our bellies. It’s a language that comes in dreams or visions and sometimes moves us in life or in ways that simply have no explanation. It is a calling that lives inside of our bones. It gives us purpose. And when we have purpose, we have the entire world within our palms. That life truly has meaning and we literally come alive with our whole selves, having a lifetime advantage.

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