Your Life is Always on Time

Your life is always on time. This has become a mantra for me: my life is always on time.

Sometimes life knocks the wind right out of us. Maybe a relationship has ended. Or the job situation didn't pan out. Maybe it feels like life is dropping bombs left and right. The problem-free life does not exist. Sometimes we want to control it so much we become hell-bent on outcomes, only to upset our present state with expectations.

I have found the more I focus on the past, whether it be working relationships, familial, friendships experiences, or time spent wishing there was another way around - it turns into a spin cycle of insanity. It reveals to me that nothing in the present moment has the ability to change an outcome of the past. It is helpful to recognize this. The replay button serves little purpose. Press the play button; real life in real time.

Now is new. Past challenges makes us better humans. Pain can be a useful motivator in the present moment. It does not mean to act mildly, even bitterly, in the same patterns you once lived from. It means to live boldly, lovingly, with compassion for self and others.

The situations and people that perhaps felt problematic at one time or another, can be a testament to love, forgiveness, and understanding. One of the greatest healing relationships I've had in my life is with my biological father. We spent many years in and out of each other's lives, I met him around the age my son is now, so I've been told. It is an untold story of pain from conception. My life is the product of teenage pregnancy, tied to two families that wanted nothing to do with each other.

I've had a push-pull relationship with him ever since I can remember, from forcing him out to calling him back, at times, to step up play an active role in my life. In those years, I learned to develop hard boundaries at a young age, long before I knew doing so was an act of self-love. There was mental illness, upsets, rage, and fragments of history that don't make-up my current life today. Yet -- those are the very experiences have birthed me into the person I am today. My parents did their best in a way they knew how and I love them for it. I don't think I would be the same person (or mother) without the childhood I had, I am stronger because of it. I am wise, loving, forgiving, and gracious because of it -- I am certain of this.

Time, space, and place. If we can remind ourselves that life is always on time, even when it is painful, perhaps there is room for reprieve. If we can take comfort in the usefulness of pain, trials and errors that challenge us to know better and do better.

History has a way of growing us. The hard stuff has a way of demanding our attention for greatness. It doesn't mean we must wish for life to be easy, life will always have its challenges and the people in our lives will either encourage us or ask us to step up into our own. There will always be seasons, some with reason and some not. We must surrender to what is, life is happening for us, not against us. Life is always on time, now is new. Even when it's messy and wild.

It is a part of our design to live this way, right on time.

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