Another Textile Company

Introducing Another Textile Company

To us, Another is not one more of the same old kind of textile firm. It is a whole other company, with a whole different view. One that marches to its own drum and tells another story. "We aim for the highest quality, not only in our choice of fabrics but also in our committment to a sustainable development and fair working conditions.”

By offering production in Fairtrade-certified cotton, we want our products to be a good deal for our customers as well as for our suppliers. By working as closely to our customers and partners as possible, we can ensure right decisions are made throughout the purchasing process and supply chain. We truly believe that everybody can contribute to a better future and that one good thing leads to another.

What was the assignment?

We were challenged to create sustainable products that truly support Yoga Girl®'s vision and core values. After more than 20 years in the textile industry and more than 12 years of experience in sustainable production techniques, we were able to match Yoga Girl in her aim to offer apparel that makes a statement - inside and out.

What are your major conclusions?

Since we began our collaboration with Yoga Girl®, two words have persistently come to mind – sustainability and transparency. For the environment, for the people working with our productions as well as for the end consumer.

What do you think is unique with Yoga Girl®?

Be YOU, whoever you are! It is rare to meet someone who speaks it as well as she lives it.

What were your take-aways and what did you learn from the partnership?

There are plenty of reasons why we feel huge appreciation for working with Yoga Girl®. The main reason is that this collaboration matches the very essence and core of our business. Another Textile Company provide top quality clothes– but not at any cost.

businessforchange, what does this mean to you?

It means thinking beyond our business and seeing ourselves as part of something bigger. We are contributors and partners in the real sense of the words. We care about the people working for us, about the footprints we leave and the environmental effect our industry can cause.

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