Planeta Design

Introducing Planeta Design

Established in 2008, Planeta Design is a design and brand agency based in Stockholm, Sweden led by Creative Director Sandra Planeta. Planeta Design specialize in different aspects of lifestyle branding, both globally and locally. ‘We create and launch new brands from scratch, as well as updating and revamping existing brands to better suit modern demands. Brand development, packaging design and content is our passion.’ Read more here: Planeta Design Yoga Girl Article 2560x1650 3

What was the assignment?

We’ve been digging deep into the DNA of Yoga Girl’s and Rachel’s mission and brought it to light through graphic design, a logotype, imagery, products, packaging and a communication concept. Good design can- and should- be a business key to sustainable and profitable solutions.

These days, brand and community communications need to be both transparent and interactive, and the foundation of a brand should be built with a 360° perspective in mind. The importance of a strong brand platform cannot be understated. It is the DNA , the brand’s foundation, which makes a brand unique and those values and personality should be reflected through all touch points, something we were very mindful of in creating Yoga Girl® Planeta Design Yoga Girl Article 2560x1650 1

What are your major conclusions?

That Yoga Girl is more than a brand or a social media platform. It’s involvement, engagement and people that make Yoga Girl into a movement. It was from that insight we landed on “Everybody can be a Yoga Girl”. By saying “I’m a Yoga Girl”, everyone can be a part of this movement.

What do you think is unique with Yoga Girl?

We love the strong personality in the brand, the complexity of being open, joyful, strong, weak and human while at the same time, creating a new kind of business. A business that can do good.

What were your takeaways and learnings from the partnership?

Today we are even more convinced than ever that design is an important tool to keep a brand together, relevant and reliable in a world that is so complex. It’s powerful and it’s a strength. And with that power, together we can do good. Planeta Design Yoga Girl Article 2560x1650 2

#businessforchange, what does this mean to you?

The idea of #businessforchange has been a major source of energy and inspiration for this project. While believing that business can create change, we are certain that design can contribute to and be a relevant part of making the world a better place.

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