Our Collaboration with Amazon - Business with Intention

The intention behind all Yoga Girl® business partnerships and collaborations is to enact positive change in the business world.

When we received the opportunity to partner with Amazon, we had two important questions:

  1. Does our Yoga Girl® community like shopping on Amazon?
  2. Can all commissions from the partnership be donated?

Yoga Girl 001243 Dennis edit

I took a poll on Instagram, and it turns out that an overwhelming 86% of you shop on Amazon!

Then we got our confirmation:

ALL the commissions generated from this collaboration are donated to the Yoga Girl® Foundation, which then generates good things for people in need.

This led us to a beautiful co-creation with Amazon and their brand new initiative, Amazon Yoga Life! I am honored to be the face of this launch, and I’m so excited to contribute to an impactful corner of this massive, global online store.

Yoga Girl 014172 Dennis edit

For the Amazon Yoga Life initiative, we teamed up to showcase a sample of all my favorite things, like:

  • Books on yoga and life that I return to again and again
  • Clothes for on or off your yoga mat
  • Beautiful jewelry
  • Sacred items I always have nearby: crystals, palo santo and essential oils
  • Other must-haves for your yoga practice

You’ll find tons of high quality products (for women and men) at Amazon+Yoga Girl®.

Yoga Girl 020222

Yoga Girl 020341

Yoga Girl 001299

Yoga Girl 020389

Plus, your donations aren’t confined to purchasing from the Amazon+Yoga Girl® page!

This is how it works:

  1. Enter the Amazon website through our link.
  2. Shop on our Amazon+Yoga Girl® page, or shop for literally anything else across the Amazon website.
  3. Make your purchase.
  4. The Yoga Girl® Foundation receives a donation from you! As long as you’ve entered Amazon through our link, everything you shop for will generate a donation.

The next time you are looking to shop online, do it through the Amazon+Yoga Girl® page! Browse and shop, and know that with these simple actions you are helping to change the world.

Again, 100% of the commission goes directly to a good cause. In other words… Business for change is ON!

Take a look at the Amazon+Yoga Girl® page!



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