Rebel & Bird

Introducing Rebel & Bird

Rebel & Bird is a digital growth partner founded in 2012. We help our clients create digital services and experiences. With a vision for the future and by challenging the status quo, we use design and technology to bring possibilities to humanity on earth and in space.

We are 60 designers, developers, strategists, analysts and explorers that have so far created solutions reaching over 3 billion people across the globe. We have also won numerous awards including the Clio Awards and Forbes award for best strategic partnership for our work with Spotify. Find us at

What was the assignment?

Rebel & Bird was commissioned to create a flexible and scalable platform where Rachel Brathen and her various brands could come together as one. It was important that the new solution would stay true to the spirit of the Yoga Girl® brand and its values, as well as be a platform for growth, both for the community and for Yoga Girl®. IMG 0220

What are your major conclusions?:

Wow, this community is among the most engaged we have ever created something for! Super fun and challenging. We understood that we needed to create a solution which would allow Yoga Girl® to be in true dialogue with the community and also provide space for many voices. A key strategy has been to build something small and agile (from a technical perspective) that can over time grow together with Yoga Girl® and its community in a very rapid and responsive way.

What do you think is unique with Yoga Girl®?

There are a lot of things that are unique with Yoga Girl, but what sets her apart the most in our view is probably how she runs the business side of things. Her core values are really what drives things, it is about how to engage and be part of a movement, not run it. Keeping your target on what value you can provide, how you can be of service and then have the financial side of the business as a consequence and not a driver is really inspirational and honestly quite rare.

What were your takeaways and learnings from the partnership?:

Rebel & Bird has always been super committed to making a positive contribution to the world. We have a lot of CSR efforts sharing part of our earnings monthly with organizations across the globe, and we work to stay true to our own values when we do projects. It’s been really inspiring to work with someone with the capacity to push us even further and remind us of what we can contribute when we focus on the right things. Being able to be part of a movement which includes a big effort around helping young girls, a group where many are having a truly hard time today, is really something that makes going to work feel worthwhile.

businessforchange, what does this mean to you?

All of us who live on this planet have a big responsibility. As a business, we have more power than you do as an individual, and as such, an even greater responsibility to go the extra mile, trying to be a positive force for the world, fighting fear of the unknown.

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