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Green Gaia Essentials sponsored all the Yoga Girl® retreats and trainings for 2019 with 500 organic lip balms and 500 organic yoga mat sprays... plus a sizeable donation to the Yoga Girl® Foundation! We are so grateful for the support of both our Yoga Girls and the contribution to the foundation.

Meet Green Gaia Essentials!

"Our mission is to provide high quality, pure skin care products while sharing ways to practice self care and live a natural life all while being your authentic self."

"What we put on our body is just as important as what we put in our body. I am a health fanatic, yogi and the creator Green Gaia Essentials. GGE was created as a result of my desire to share skincare products made of quality, organic ingredients and that utilize the natural healing properties of plants. GGE offers natural skincare and personal products for those who value plant-based solutions to everyday routines, and shares plant-healing knowledge, recipes, and healthy lifestyle solutions through an online blog. All products are Leaping Bunny certified, cruelty free, and free from parabens, dyes, and other synthetics."

Leannah Seese, Founder

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Why do you want to work together with Yoga Girl®?

"I have been following Rachel and all that she and Yoga Girl encompasses, and I can't think of a reason as to why I wouldn't want to work with Yoga Girl!! The huge amount of love and uplifting support that is given and received within the Yoga Girl community is amazing. I love that everything is geared towards people being their best self, loving themselves, and then being able to turn that around and help the world do the same. As a person and a company that tries to be healthy, in all ways, just being balanced and loving, everything resonates with me!"

What do you think is unique with Yoga Girl?

"One thing that always stands out to me that I have shared with others is the transparency. There doesn't ever seem to be any bad intentions, or alterior motives, and there's never any question of that! Sadly, it's not like that with most, or it hasn't been - i feel there's a shift of people wanting that. And everything just seems authentic and honest."


When you heard about our #businessforchange initiative, what were your thoughts?

"I was on board. Again, I support what Yoga Girl and Rachel has started, worked on, made happen and are continuing to make happen. I want to be able to support others, and I think this is a worthy thing to support. It makes sense to bring a community together to help out."

What are your goals or wishes with the partnership?

"It would be my hope to see this be mutually beneficial for everyone. Working on adjectives for my company, two things came up that were being authentic and then being a creative community supporter. Rachel has been a huge inspiration for all that she has done and the change she has made happen. It's been wonderful to see her bring together creative communities to be able to share and utilize everyone's strengths and goals, and by doing that, it brings everyone up. It would be amazing to see the whole Yoga Girl thing flourish, and then all of the connected organizations she started, like with sgt. Pepper, would end up flourishing as well. I'm already so honored to be apart of this now, and I just want to see this all do wonderful, and everyone that is a part of it do wonderfully, and hoping this will help to create,strengthen, and grow a community of creatives and loving souls. On a person note, I do hope this helps my company grow, but I want it to grow because that means I get to share with more people. I believe in my products and I believe in message and I just love being able to help others. Hearing positive feedback from people saying that products have helped to changed their skin for the better just warms my heart. I know how much better I felt after making certain shifts, and now i just want to share it with everyone else so they can experience the same!"

Leannah Seese, Founder

You find more information about Green Gaia Essentials at and please follow them on Instagram, @GreenGaiaEssentials or #GreenGaiaEssentials. Use discount code GGE25 for a 25% discount

The Yoga Girl® Foundation

Our #businessforchange model is all about creating good and profitable partnerships to raise funds for our foundation. With the help from Dailygreatness we are one step closer to our vision of a world where every child is loved and safe and free from harm.

Do you want to be our partner and help us change and heal the world, too? Send us an email to and we will find a way to work together.

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