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Introducing Gul PR

Gul PR is a PR- and communications agency founded in 2016, with our motto being that the results are more important than the technical terms. We only work with companies and people who stand for good values and seek to achieve a lot with what they do. Our clients might need help building greater trust or attracting more investors and/or customers. Or something completely different - every need is unique, and that need is our priority. Find us at

What was the assignment?

Gul PR’s mission is to handle media contacts and public relations for Yoga Girl®. Spreading the word in channels that are most relevant and create the highest value for the brand, attracts more members and customers and establishes greater credibility. The aim is to get both Swedish and English speaking media to pick up news about Yoga Girl® and to manage any incoming journalist contacts.

What are your major conclusions?

It was immediately apparent that everyone involved in Yoga Girl® is incredibly dedicated. The are not just employees or volunteers, they truly live for what they do. That’s very inspiring to witness. When we work with Yoga Girl®, we’ve noticed the reception of the brand has been quite good. At the same time, it is a challenge to not fall for the temptation to appear anywhere and any way. We work with Rachel and Yoga Girl® to put the brand forth where it will have the best effect while fitting like a glove.

What do you think is unique with Yoga Girl®?: What strikes us as unique with Yoga Girl/Rachel is how she has managed to create a community that focuses on so much more than just yoga. It is about sisterhood, friendship, self-strengthening and joy. It is about engaging people all over the world in a movement where they can be inspired and lifted.

What were your takeaways and what did you learn from the partnership?

Our goal is to only work with people and brands that will have a positive impact in the world. Yoga Girl® is prime example of such. We participate in several organizations as opinion-makers for a sustainable world. We offer our employees access to therapists to support managing stress levels at work every week, so that we can maintain a sustainable workplace that we all enjoy. Our collaboration with Yoga Girl® provides the opportunity to contribute to an effort for positive change, a thing we might struggle with on our own. It feels amazing and is something we wish we all had the opportunity to do more of.

#businessforchange, what does this mean to you?

As a business, our voice is louder than an individuals. We need to use that voice to create change where it is most needed. It is our duty and our responsibility to be a positive influence where we can, and do everything in our power to help make the world a better place. #businessforchange makes that possible. Together we can make a greater change than on our own.

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