Our first studio partner in Ohio

We are so happy to welcome the Peaceful Monkey as our first Studio Partner in Newtown, Ohio! In our vision to heal and change the world, we need help. Therefore, it is our mission to partner with studios around the world. We are happy to welcome the Peaceful Monkey to our partner network!

We had a chat with Clare Karp, the owner of Peaceful Monkey, to get to know them better.

About Peaceful Monkey

Peaceful Monkey is a Yoga and Movement Studio in Cincinnati, OH. In the hope of creating a studio to hold space for a community of all different aged humans, Peaceful Monkey opened its doors in 2018. Classes are carefully and intentionally crafted by our lead teacher, Clare Karp. The studio has been created to remind us of the simple aspects of our practice and the abilities within our own bodies. Each weeks Movement and Yoga classes have specific focus and themes that trickle from the adults' class through the children's. Peaceful Monkey is proud to be a Registered Yoga School and Continuing Education Provider through Yoga Alliance. "Peaceful Monkey is a place to come as you are today, and we will help show you the possibilities within you for your tomorrows. All levels and abilities are always welcome here. I hope to MOVE with you soon."

IMG 7944 Clare Karp with her beautiful family

Why is yoga so important for the world?

"I believe the world needs all of us to be who we are meant to be. To live our dharma - and this takes massive courage but also tools. Life is not simple, the road is far from straight, life is a big journey. I believe having a Yoga practice provides humans with the tools to make this life possible in the healthiest way. When we are practicing we are kinder not only to ourselves physically and mentally but to each other and the planet we tread. Its in the slowing down where we learn to listen, calm the noise, and know that we are all one."

Why do you want to work with Yoga Girl®?

"I come from a big family, I’m the 4th of 8 kids. I've watched from a young age the power of numbers, what happens when families, teams, companies come together and all show up for something or someone." S5A3054 2

What do you think is unique about Yoga Girl®?

"The community, the leaders, the quality of everything the name carries. The different levels and options of help offered for FREE constantly being updated. It does not matter the subject if you need help, there is someone or something that will assist you and it will be top notch. There is a sense of truth and authenticity."

When you heard about our Studio Partner network, what were your first thoughts?

"YES! I love all those words:) I really felt like this was a special way for me as a studio owner to reach out to humans within my community that I might not realize are in need. Yoga has given me tools that have changed my life. I’ve needed lots of help on my journey, I want to be a helper. To have the opportunity to share this practice or a teacher training with any human but especially one in need, myself and my team want stand behind companies like THIS! We are honored to be of service." MCP 2840

What are your goals or wishes for the partnership with Yoga Girl®?

"My goal is to be of service whenever and where ever we can. . I trust Rachel and Shama and believe in what you are all doing. I am honored to be a part in any way."

Clare Karp, Owner

We know you will enjoy practicing at the Peaceful Monkey, as either a member or a visitor passing through Newtown, Ohio. You can find all their information at www.peacefulmonkey.com. Please follow them on Instagram @peacefulmonkey and welcome them into the Yoga Girl® Community!

Would your studio like to become a Yoga Girl® Partner? Send an email to us at info@yogagirl.com to let us know!

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