Our first studio partner

We are so happy and proud to welcome HiYoga as our first ever Studio Partner! In our vision to heal and change the world, we need help. Therefore, it is our mission to partner with studios around the world. We are happy to announce that HiYoga in Oslo, Norway is our very first partnership!

We had a chat with Anita Hegge, the regional manager at HiYoga to get to know them better.

About HiYoga

"HiYoga is a place to grow and blossom. We create a yoga community and a safe space for you to enjoy the yoga practice; before, during and after your practice. HiYoga at Majorstuen is a beautiful studio in the heart of Oslo. The schedule is broad, both in number of classes and yoga styles. If you are travelling to Oslo, you are welcome to come and join a class with our fantastic instructors. Several times a year we arrange workshops with international well-known teachers and you can also participate in the HiYoga Teacher Training. HiYoga has several studios in the Nordic area and they are a part of the SATS Group."

MG 0979 Halat Askari, retail manager at HiYoga wearing our Moon t-shirt

Why is yoga so important for the world?

"We strongly believe that human beings will have a better life with yoga. If your practice is breathing, meditation, asana, or all of this combined, your yoga is a way to seek a healthy mind and body. HiYoga is, and shall be, a prominent place for students to feel welcome, safe and seen. If you do yoga occasionally or you practice every day, we know that the time you spend on your mat will bring you healing, presence and space. It will open your heart and make you feel more connected to yourself, the community and the world. Yoga is community - and we truly believe that a positive community will create a more peaceful, healing and aware society."

Why do you want to work together with Yoga Girl®?

"HiYoga has taken an important role in the yoga community to make this practice more accessible to all. At the same time, we work hard to make the terms and conditions more stable and predictable for yoga instructors. Today there are so many interesting yoga related jobs in both HiYoga and the SATS Group. Working with Yoga Girl® gives us a strong sense of inspiration. We feel a deep connection with the values Yoga Girl® shows in all the work they do with their platform. We have been looking for a way to give back for a long time. By joining the Yoga Girl® community and selling their products we also contribute to the Yoga Girl® Foundation to help women and children in need."

What do you think is unique with Yoga Girl®?

"The community created around Yoga Girl® is a true inspiration. We have great respect for the way Rachel and Shama share, hold space and let their experience be an eye-opening thing for us all. We know it is quite unique to build a sustainable business with a true and open heart. This gives a very motivating benchmark fare beyond the yoga industry. We have profound respect for the hard work and the continuing development of Yoga Girl®."

When you heard about our Studio Partner network, what was your first thoughts?

"This should be us! Because we feel a oneness with the style and the values shared, this felt so right to do. We are really greatful for being part of this network!"

What is your goal or wishes with the partnership with Yoga Girl®?

"Our goal is to make yoga even more accessible for as many as possible - we know it is a great tool and way of life. We also want to learn how to create a sacred space and make a positive impact in peoples' lives, as Yoga Girl® does. It is our hope that all our members, instructors and employees are proud. Overall, if we can bring more love and respect into the world, we are happy to partner with those doing this important work in the world."

Anita Hegge, Regional Manager HiYoga

We know you will enjoy practicing at HiYoga, as a member but also as a visitor passing through Oslo. You can find all their information at www.hiyoga.no. Please follow them on Instagram @hiyoga_no and welcome them into the Yoga Girl® community!

Do you also want to become a Yoga Girl® Studio Partner? Send an email to us at info@yogagirl.com to let us know!

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