Creating Abundance to do More Good- Yoga Girl® Brand and Foundation

Life is unfair. Those who claim that it's up to just you to decide what you do with your life are not telling the entire truth.

For example, if you are born in a country where food, water and employment are easily accessed by everyone, then the claim that it's up to you might be more true. If you are born into a family where you are welcomed and loved and grow up feeling safe and happy, then it's even more true that it can be easy to create the life you want to live without extraordinary effort.

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But for many, many people on our planet, these kinds of privileges and opportunities are just a dream. The dream of enough food, enough safety, enough love, and enough shelter are not a part of daily reality.

Do you know that 80 of the wealthiest individuals on the planet own what the rest of the vast population on earth shares? Can you imagine what these 80 people could do with that wealth?

Philanthropist is a word often used to describe a wealthy person who donates a lot to charity. There are many who decided to do good with their fortune, and that’s wonderful! However, we want to be a different kind of philanthropic organization. We want to do good here, now, and not wait another moment!

This is where the Yoga Girl® brand and the Yoga Girl® Foundation go hand in hand - We, the Yoga Girl® brand, earn resources to sustain the Yoga Girl® Foundation.

  • When we create a product, we always calculate a 10% donation to the foundation into the retail price.
  • When we collaborate with other brands, we always calculate a portion of the profit to go to the foundation.

We donate money to the foundation as we make money; we don't wait until we have a profit at the end of the year- we co-create abundance in the now.

There is an undeniable truth to foundation work that tends to get a bad name: To do a lot of good, a lot of money is needed! Instead of associating money with greed and imbalance, we see it as a means of energetic exchange which opens possibilities. That’s why we for every dollar the Yoga Girl® brand earns, the Yoga Girl® Foundation is nourished so it can help those less fortunate.

We are committed to doing the work to grow the foundation and help as many women and children as we can feel safe, loved and happy.

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Shopping in our online shop is one way you can support the Foundation, but it isn’t the only way! Read more about the Yoga Girl® Foundation

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