Our #businessforchange model

Do good, here and now!

It is our core belief that we can do good, here and now, and not wait until tomorrow. We have the power and the opportunity to help make the world a better place, every day. Our #businessforchange model is our way to create a big change, together with companies and individuals who share our values.

Our Approach: Embrace Transparency and Support

We have a role to play. It is our responsibility as a business to contribute to making the world a better place by embracing transparency and truth, while supporting local communities. We promise to always choose to work with individuals and companies who support ethical practices in all their affairs.

Transforming consumption into donations

Our model for #businessforchange is simple:

  1. We market brands and products, those products sell, and we vow to earmark and donate 10% of retail sales to the Yoga Girl® Foundation, or:
  2. Our business partners directly donate a set percentage of all sales into the Yoga Girl® Foundation during a certain period of time.

Become a #businessforchange partner:

We work with each #businessforchange collaboration partner individually, as all companies are different. We use a simple evaluation process for each brand, including:

• Does the brand live up to the Yoga Girl® code of conduct and best ethical practices?

• Is the brand internationally or well-known?

• Is the product an everyday day product or a luxury item?

• Is the brand a "do good" brand with values that go hand in hand with Yoga Girl®?

There are several different factors we take into account when we go into a collaboration with another organization- these include love, kindness and the “Do no harm” principle.

Partner with Us

If you are interested in a #businessforchange collaboration, please email us! We welcome large and not-so-large brands that offer amazing products and services that do a lot of good in the world! Please contact us at info@yogagirl.com, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for your interest in helping change the way the world does business!

Read more about our corporate sustainability values in our Partner Code of Conduct here.

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