It's Not Until We Change that the World Will Follow

Yoga Girl and 29k

United through a strategic collaboration, 29k and Yoga Girl® have a common mission to bring personal growth and healing to everyone on the planet, free, and online forever.

29k, a Tech non-profit, and Yoga Girl have partnered to bring you an experience that enables you to do your inner work with the best tool kits from psychology research, support from a community of like-minded people and of course, Yoga Girl.

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Launching winter 2018/2019

  • 7 Immersive exercises co-created with Rachel Brathen and the Yoga Girl global community
  • Powerful experiences that re-connect you with yourself, others and purpose
  • Supportive community with others who struggle with the same issues in life

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Taking Care of Your Inner Creative Child

As artists, whether it be a writer, actor, painter, poet, we often refer to our ‘inner child’ as the source of our creative abilities. The part of ourselves that ‘arts’. That compels us to tell stories. As children, we create with unharnessed vigor.

Amie McNee- Saturday, 4:10 pm0
Self Love

I’m Not “Brave”, I’m Human—Stop the Body Shaming

Amy Schumer was called “brave” for her photo shoot she did in her underwear, holding a cup of coffee. Someone else looked at that same photo and likened her to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. When you share a photo of yourself as you truly are, you’re being beautifully human. Not brave. It’s time to stop the body shaming.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 5:05 pm0

Stressed? You Always Have the Perfect Remedy With You: Your Breath

Whenever you find yourself in tense or stressful situations, your breath probably becomes short and restricted. Maybe you hold it altogether! Here's a super simple way to bring some calm into the storm.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:48 pm0