It's Not Until We Change that the World Will Follow

Yoga Girl and 29k

United through a strategic collaboration, 29k and Yoga Girl® have a common mission to bring personal growth and healing to everyone on the planet, free, and online forever.

29k, a Tech non-profit, and Yoga Girl have partnered to bring you an experience that enables you to do your inner work with the best tool kits from psychology research, support from a community of like-minded people and of course, Yoga Girl.

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Launching winter 2018/2019

  • 7 Immersive exercises co-created with Rachel Brathen and the Yoga Girl global community
  • Powerful experiences that re-connect you with yourself, others and purpose
  • Supportive community with others who struggle with the same issues in life

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Cultural Appropriation, Inclusivity and Yoga – What I’ve Learned

I want to start off by saying that I am so, so grateful to be in this place. I truly am. There have been some hard lessons along the way but I feel absolutely blessed to be not just a part of this conversation, but a part in making a change.

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 10:49 pm0
I am a Yoga Girl

I Am A Yoga Girl - Larissa Ranft

I am… a Yoga Girl. And being brave enough to shout this out in public feels so damn good. For a long time, I have been confused with identifications of “who or what I am“. Being identified as a woman, as a daughter, a sister, a friend, a partner. I‘m identified with my profession, my age, my lifestyle, my looks, my opinions, and so much more.

Larissa Ranft- Thursday, 12:40 pm0

This 1 Trick to Your Yoga Practice Will Save Your Life off the Mat

There’s a not-so-secret trick to committing to your yoga practice every damn day. I believe life is like a yoga practice, and the same trick has become an essential life lesson that’s saved me every time I felt like giving up.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 6:24 pm0