Sagittarius Gemini Full Moon

What does it mean when we have a full moon? The Sun and the Moon are exactly opposite, in both the sky and in the astrological chart of the day.

If you are lucky enough to go outside tonight, look up. Wherever the Moon is, turn 180 degrees around and imagine that just behind you and below the horizon, the Sun is in the exact same spot you are looking at.

This is what happens every time there is a full moon: the Sun and Moon stand opposite. The theme of this particular full moon blog topic is: Is the kid that lives inside of you still alive and kicking? Or did an old grump move in?

Does joy have a front row seat in your movie? Do you know that nothing is ever that serious to take you down for very long? “Up, up, and away,” says Sagittarius.

Sagittarius says: Get up already! We need to change our point of view, get outside, have a drink, and remember this is just a dream. Everything—like the weather in a windy place—will change any minute now.

If you are feeling stuck in your life, like change has not come to your house in a very long time, during this solar cycle of Sagittarius, start asking: where is my joy?

If you have found depression hanging out at your house (Venus was retrograde, challenging relationships the last two months, but has recently gone direct), and you feel sad so that depression never leaves—this full moon is the perfect time to pray/ask/command your god-given right to ignite your desire for joy.

It's everyone's right as a human to be happy, fed and loved. Your job is to be open, hopeful and prepare for a miracle.

Sag is the part in all of us that learns from every event. Rachel often talks about the lessons life holds for us. To turn every event into a positive—with a reframe of your mindset—is how to heal and learn your lessons.

This is the theme of this full moon: Can you turn lemons into lemonade? Can you change your attitude from lack to abundance? Can you hope for what seems to be an impossible feeling of fulfillment, setting yourself up to live with a feeling gratitude and love as the constant? It sounds so easy, but it's not.

For this full moon in Sagittarius/Gemini, I suggest you write. I have been practicing this, too, and when I read my writings back to myself (which is how I always suggest you do it), I realized I was overworking.

I worked so hard in the last year, I had forgotten to have fun, to take a break or a holiday, carrying boxes of guilt-free cards in my suitcase. Taking a time out, hanging out, and relaxing—not so easy for me.

This full moon is asking us to go outside, linger in the Sun, under a dark sky, at a delicious dinner with your family, as you all sing a song of gratitude. Thanksgiving is here for Americans. Eat, drink and be merry under this full moon.

The kid inside of me just wants to YOUR kid to have permission to be itself—to stand apart from your upbringing or expectations presented by your overactive mind, to be allowed to give, to ask, to hold hands, permission to purchase. Do what you want.

Your inner kid is loved and so very lovable. Believe me, you deserve to enjoy this Sag/Gemini fun festival—well, at least you know what the stars are suggesting for this full moon. YOU can create imaginary guilt-free cards so during this cycle, you can open up the fun door and let your inner child run free.

Go outside, play, eat, drink, party and remember this life is to be lived.

Next month is Capricorn, and it’s all about discipline and focus. Let indulge while we can.

Blessings, Debra

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