Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon: Accept What Is

This full moon has so much relevance.

It comes with a delicious suggestion to slow down and find space (hello COVID-19)—to relish in life’s simple delights.

Eat slowly, walk slowly, kiss slowly.

Be in the moment with full conviction, so you can taste the water, feel the wind and smell our newly-found spring springing.


Here is a simple truth: there are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who are humbled and the ones who are about to be.

Thank you COVID-19 for leveling the playing field…life has us ALL to some degree on our knees.

I don’t know about you, but this vague sense of the future, not knowing what is next (said the Astrologer) is both comfortable and not. Comfortable because it is supporting our practice of humility, but it’s also way too scary (said the full moon in Taurus who wants nothing more than to be in control). Well, truth be told: we, as a species, are out of control.

It showed up for me. My family was sequestered in a small space for the four of us, as is true for many.

What became obvious is that complaining, keeping track of who did what, being nit-picky would steal any sense of pleasure. It became obvious that we had to make some space. One person decided the best thing they could do was go off to be on their own. Smart.

Our normal way of moving through life has been altered.

Suddenly we are not in charge of what we do, where we go, and who we see. We are all being forced to let go of “normal” and business as usual. Some lost their jobs, others let go of their relationships. Under the circumstance, change has been forced on us.

We are being forced into humility and to surrender by a power outside of our control. Surrendering is a Taurus/Scorpio nightmare, UNLESS…


We do what Buddha teaches: practice being unattached.

And then add to your non-attachment a radical acceptance of what is. Read that again. Non-attachment + acceptance of what is = wisdom.


This full moon demands we let go. Don’t argue. This full moon is after all Buddha’s birthday…let’s honor him.

In our household, we applied wisdom and adjusted.

It’s liberating to be honest—to let go and trust the feeling of being out of control. Easier said than done.

The first chapter of my book, The Missing Element, is called Crisis, and the first sentence reads as follows:

“Sad but true, we all grow out of the soil of pain…The crises that arise in our lives are here to serve us, not hurt us. As counter-intuitive as this sounds, crisis is nothing more than your own soul trying to get your attention, to show you your path. The soul uses pain, crisis, and trauma to wake us up.”


Here is the full moon question:

Are we awake? Are we facing reality? What are the safe parts you can trust and lean into, and what became shaky during this crisis?

Taurus/Scorpio is the flavor of the day. Practicing letting go and being down with this new reality. Sounds so spiritual smiritual…and it is. But it’s the answer to every issue.


During this full moon, please do not argue with fate. She always wins.

Accept what is.

Remember: we’re all in this together. The full moon has no cultural preference, nor does the virus.

Let’s celebrate the full moon with a big smile, fun and surrender.

How are you at surrendering to what is? I’d love to hear.

Blessings, Debra