What is Astrology?

Do you find yourself looking up when you’re searching for the right words to say, or for the answer to the burning question in your heart? How breathtaking is it when you find yourself under a night so star-filled that there’s more twinkle than black? That awe isn’t easily replicated.

We’re drawn to the space beyond our atmosphere for more than a beautiful vista or romantic thrill. Our universe holds divine information for all of us - our intuitions tell us so.


Astrology originated from ancient wisdom (like yoga) that was studied well before historical recordings began. It's coined “Mother of Science”, though for some it can feel more like metaphysics, or the study of what exists beyond physical matter.

Astrology offers a way for us to find meaning by looking to the stars and planets and studying their paths as they dance around each other.

The position of every planet and star the moment you were born is significant - it gives a road map to your personality, skills and challenges, and your entire life journey. It’s as if the universe was dancing around a ballroom and someone snapped a photo of everyone’s location on the dancefloor the moment you took your first breath - that photo is who you are here to be.


Astrology is still widely studied because it was born from the highest vibrations, and because, well, it makes sense through experience. As the planets dance and the moon waxes and wanes, you can feel internal shifts in your moods and energy levels, even experiencing more ease or more struggle. This shift spans all beings on our planet simultaneously because that universal dance out in space is happening within all of us, as well.

Through studying our united external and internal galaxy in relation to our birth charts (that snapshot taken when you were born), we can make better decisions backed by compassionate understanding, a deep connection to intuition, and a commitment to personalized self care.

Astrology is our reminder to pause, look up, and marvel at the infinite beauty out there and in our hearts.


Learn about your own astrological signs and the current planet dance by renowned expert, Debra Silverman.

What's your sign? Tell us in the comments below!

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