Leo/Aquarius Full Moon: What Are You Good At?

For this full moon with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius—tell me what you are good at.

Your soul longs for you to know how to experience your strength and confidence without being self conscious—that is no easy task.

I know that if I asked you what you were really good at—most of you would have to wrestle down your ego to get the right answer. Who knows how to quickly answer —what are you good at? Pretty much no one. Try it now…


If you are organized (Earth), you probably think ‘that’s no big deal.’If you are a really good cook, you would say, ‘aww, it’s so easy to throw some food together.’

Or if you are like me, and you can talk or write without much effort, some part of you may think, ‘so what? This is so natural—it’s no big thing!’

‘Don’t be impressed with what I do so easily,’ says every sign; however, if you have Leo in your chart, that would be the wrong answer.


Truth is: we all deserve to be seen clearly, to be acknowledged for our gifts. Feel the power in acknowledging your natural abilities.

The theme of this full moon in Leo comes with the invitation to stand up inside yourself, with your head held high, and state something that may seem easy to you, but is something that only you are so naturally good at.

Leave me a comment below and tell me what you do effortlessly, while disregarding the voice that says: ‘You are not special…’ because it’s not true—seen through the eyes of your Leo self.

The solar cycle we are in this month (Leo) invites us to take a good look in the mirror.


My best friend can clean up a room in an instant almost like Mr. Clean. My son can use his hands to fix just about anything. You know I can talk (said the Gemini). None of us really want to be called out in areas that comes so easily. It’s a bad case of the ego.

Leo says ‘say it’; Aquarius Moon says, ‘nah, you are not so good.’

If it’s cleaning, singing, drawing, parenting, or just sitting—everyone has an instinctive skill set that if allowed to be valued could take you home to your true self/soul.

This full moon is about truth.

It’s so easy to study Astrology or read endless books on the New Age and all things spiritual, but who can actually find their power and rest there? Who can speak to the unspeakable and say: my life is an example of flair in this life—I am living in technicolor? Spoken like a true Leo.

Truth is: Spirit is in love with you and your chart. The Sun and the Moon are in love with each other as they chase each other across the sky.

Truth is: I am in love with turning you onto the stars. (Did you know that the Applied Astrology school launch—which only happens twice a year—is opening again this month?)


Truth is: this full moon in Aquarius is inviting all of us to consider the importance of studying Astrology so you can celebrate your gifts. How would the world be different?

I can say this now, though it took years: I am a good astrologer. I have to walk past my ego to my soul. I know that my soul had the assignment to study the stars, translate their meaning into practical English, and share it with as many of you as would listen. That one I can own.

Honestly, it’s hard for me to say: I am a good writer. Or I am a good mom. My silly ego tramples me and I have to wrestle it down.

Can I challenge you on this full moon to acknowledge something you do that do so well?

Write me, tell me, tell your friend, and ask them what they are good at. This will fulfill the Aquarian energy, the full moon flavor this month—do it to empower your healthy ego and let your confidence grow.

We need everyone to start owning their power (said Leo) and letting your freak flag fly with confidence and glory.

Try it, it’s a good exercise—allowing the ego to serve your soul. You deserve to be feeling good about who you are. You are alive, healthy (hopefully), and longing to be part of our world empowered. So, tell me—what you are good at?

Stand firm in that and pretend your ego is alive and kicking. How does that feel? Can’t wait to hear.

Blessings, Debra