All About Scorpio

The Sun has moved into Scorpio, and will be there from October 23 to November 21.

Scorpio accelerates the conversations around our humanness. We are vulnerable, confused, and have endlessly absurd behavior we all display from time to time, ultimately categorized under the title: human nature.

My two favorite subjects, Psychology and Astrology, both address why we hurt those we love the most. What is that green disease called jealousy that infests our minds with destructive, distracting lies about the very person we are supposed to trust and adore? What part of us prefers to fight and argue, rather than forgive and love?

All these topics fall under Scorpio and its ruling planet: Pluto.

Did you know that every sign has a planet associated with it? Pluto hangs out with the same conversations as Scorpio. Pluto is a planet that has strong influences, sourcing from the underworld of crime and danger. These topics scare the best of us.

I adore Astrology because it has the means to cultivate compassion for these human impulses that appear beyond our control -- addictions for example, and/or childhood betrayal and bullying.

The human impulses that turn on oneself -- displaying self destructive behavior, self defeat or sabotage -- come straight out of the unconscious mind. Everyone at some point in their life is a victim to an explosion erupting from the depths of their unconscious mind.

In walks Scorpio: the only animal that has a self-destructive capacity to kill itself when death appears as imminent. In fact, a scorpion will kill itself rather than give way to the victor, its predator. This is the part in all of us that has so much pride and attachment to winning. Being right and powerful we would hurt another or even oneself and one's body -- think Olympian athlete walking past pain to a medal…working hard at all costs.

The lesson of Astrology is to accept human nature; to name it. To call out the impulse that operates beyond the conscious mind. This is what good therapy is: to unearth motives that are stashed far from the light of day.

We refer to Scorpio as the master of ‘the shadow’, or the unconscious. Scorpio begs the question: What can make you cry, to strike out at someone, to hide your truth, to get addicted and pretend you are not? Answer: your unconscious mind.

This month is the time to reflect on our species and our very nature. We are shamed to thinking that our humanness is ‘bad’ and destructive. It is when we hide it away and never undress its pretense.

I find it fascinating that during this season in North America, we celebrate Halloween. We dress up in our wildest outfits, cloaking our shadow in an acceptable disguise called a costume. We show up as witches and demons, and we wear scary clothes and masks to cloak our face.

What part of you are you hiding from? What would be your alter ego? I always wanted to be a spoiled, self-centered, rich clothes horse who had no concerns about others, but was just all about ME, my looks, my wealth and was disconcerted with what anyone asked of me. This is of course everything I denied in myself for so long.

Who would you be if you were your opposite -- your alter ego -- dressed up? What lurks behind your façade?

Let this month be a time for self reflection, where you look inside your psyche and identify your secret self -- then talk about it. Share what is hidden. This is the quickest way to healing your shadow and letting a part of you longing to come from hiding.

Astrology encourages us to stand away from judgment. To call a spade a spade. To be real. This month is asking the very same thing. Reach in and be honest: I am lazy. Or I am a scaredy cat, or I judge others, or I am confused. Just tell the truth -- first to a journal or a therapist, and then watch the magic begin. From the darkness to light is the magical formula for healing.

What Scorpios strength is is telling the truth -- even if it hurts -- and facing the pain to get to pleasure allowing authenticity to rule your world. This is the right use of both psychology and astrology: to allow your freak flag to fly in full colors and abandon.

Go for it. Scorpio is the time to let go into a healing and true sense of you who you are.

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