All About Sagittarius

I once sat on an airplane with a very professional Japanese woman who had never heard about Astrology or ‘new age’ philosophy of any kind—not yoga, reiki, or Trevor Hall’s music. She had never been asked about what she was feeling and had never even talked about her feelings.

Well, we had an amazing conversation, on a very long flight, for a very long time. On that flight, I realized that not everyone is philosophically interested in the hard questions of this life, like what am I feeling, where am I going , what is my purpose and can I be vulnerable to share my real self? It is a special breed who love to rock the boat, seek deep insights and go outside your home.

I love the sign of this month: Sagittarius. Depicted as half man/half horse, the myth conjures up a being who loves to travel wherever their dreams may take them. The gypsy who seeks, traveling to foreign cultures and bringing back wisdom from the foreigner to his family. Sag goes out—far out—beyond the fence of his world, jumping over ‘predictable’, seeking greener pastures.

This is the part in all of us that cannot stay home. Think opposite of the homebody—Sagittarius is the risk taker, the part in all of us that just needs fun. Too much of the same and this personality gets itchy. The hardest part is that they cannot hold in their frustration, their excitement or their arm from bashing into something—and they laugh all the way to the broom to sweep up the mess.

If you feel like you are missing out on fun, like you are not doing what you said you would when you were a kid, your adult has taken up residence in your house while your kid was left behind. This month is the time to figure out how you are going to have a holiday—and prepare for one.

And do it your way. Don’t go home to your family for Turkey Day (Hello Americans)—or for Christmas—without your full commitment to having fun. If you know your family is just a downer waiting to happen, go and bring the uplifted energy, and ask your friends for help.

It is always up to you to find joy, promote it, create it and most of all share it.

Sagittarius is here this month—along with a Mercury retrograde. If you’re curious to hear my take on Mercury retrograde to understand what it’s all about, watch this video.

Happy Sagittarius month. What a treat to have joy as our theme and the time to actually, consciously cultivate it.

Blessings, Debra

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