New Moon Scorpio

Every month, the Moon moves through two noteworthy, significant cycles, and that’s when I show up on Yoga Girl’s blog -- I write articles on the full moon’s influence and the new moon’s themes. These are the two markers when ceremony and magic are best performed with powerful results.

When I first met Rachel, she didn’t know much about Astrology. Most people don’t. I always say “You may not believe in Astrology-- but Astrology believes in you.” Don’t be mistaken -- there are heavenly influences always calling your name, waiting for your attention.

This week, we have a new moon in Scorpio, speaking of deep psychological topics. During a new moon, the Sun and the Moon are in the same constellation. You cannot see the Moon during a new moon sky -- it’s dark out there, because the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun.

In days of old, this was a time for reflection. We couldn’t see where we were walking, so we would stay inside, go internal, pray, and do ceremony. Some said this was the time to plant seeds in your mind, to set up what you wanted for that month -- waiting to see what emerged two weeks later during the full moon. This is the constant cycle -- new moon: pray, go in, and then during the full moon, we go out and celebrate. On and on it goes.

Those of us who study Astrology reflect on the flavor of the month. Well this week, we have a Scorpio Sun and Scorpio Moon, so we have some dark topics to discuss. If you’re a beginner to astrology, every month, there is a theme and in order for you to understand it, you might want to go study that theme for the month.

Scorpios, by nature, are secret keepers. They tend to be antisocial and often have deeply internal personality types. It is the part in all of us that prefers to not talk, harbors secrets (even from ourselves) and wonders about the nature of reality.

At worst, some people with this influence suffer from depression. The word ‘depression’ has profound meaning for me. I had to learn to understand it, or it was going to distract me from enjoying my life. I had to admit that yes, I run deep and I have dark thoughts. I wanted to come out from under the cloud called depression.

Welcome to double Scorpio sky topics: Do you suffer from a heavy feeling of not wanting to do much? Have you had episodes where you felt like you were all alone, misunderstood, and just wanting to hide out? Are you suffering with an addiction of some sort and just don’t want to face it?

Scorpio’s illustrate the part in all of us who feels too much, it is hard to put into words what we are feeling. This is the part in us who cares so much it hurts, so we pretend we don’t care.

During a double Scorpio sky, it’s our duty to listen to the heavens and dance with the music being played. A slow dance, soft music, asking you to look inside and know that you can soothe and heal whatever you are hiding.

Let’s use the moon to look inward and disclose our secrets. Reach out, ask for help, do yoga, read about Astrology -- or better yet, study it!! There is help for you but you must come out of hiding. This dark sky can either take you deeper into sadness, or finally be the marker where you admit to it, and then watch the miracles appear.

That’s why I created a place for us star-gazers to meet and look at the themes of the heavens each month: it’s all inside my monthly membership program, The Star Community. Aren’t we lucky that we are interested, and know about Astrology, so we can navigate through stormy dark skies?

During this dark sky, I had a Scorpio friend throw her tail around, almost hitting me on the head. I ducked. I was reminded of how to treat pain: walk into it. I was reminded about jealousy and how that green monster hides, and then attacks. Very few ever say: I am jealous. I am scared. I am lonely. These are the topics left behind.

Next month, the Sun will move into Sagittarius, and we will be bright again. In the meantime, can you address your shadow? Can you share with us what you are secretive about? I’ll start...

I think I may be a slowly recovering antisocial introvert. I am not very good at socializing and while my friends and my partner are good at it, I am just not. What a relief to not have to try. Yes, I am a Gemini (and a good one at that), but I do not have the appetite to hang with people unless it’s deep and real.

I have given myself free reign to get over the need to pretend. I am in silence when I have to be -- with comfort -- rather than doing the talking thing because I want to be ‘normal’.

I hope The Star Community is helping you admit to your secrets, and that you are willing to reach deeply into someone else's psyche to know what is going on with them under this dark sky.

May all beings know they are not alone and there is way to share our secrets and pray for realness, allowing our humanity to be soft and supportive -- not fake and pretentious.

Starting now.

Let this new moon open all of us up.

Blessings, Debra

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