Aries Full Moon

Congratulations to Yoga Girl on the launch of her new website! I’m Debra Silverman, an astrologer and psychotherapist for over 40 years, and I get to introduce you to the stars through Yoga Girl’s blog. I am so excited to teach you about the magic realm of the heavens.

On September 24, 2018, we will have a full moon. If you are beginner to the ancient science of Astrology, you will not know that when there is a full moon: the Sun and the Moon are always opposite.

I want you to imagine this in your head right now: wherever the Sun is—180 degree opposite of that is where the Moon is. No matter what time of the day, this is true during a full moon. You obviously may not be able to see the moon, yet nevertheless, it is standing opposite the Sun no matter where the world you are. It’s such an universal language.

There is always a theme during the full moon. Two distinct flavors of the zodiac are standing opposite each other talking about two very different topics.

During this month’s moon, one side speaks Libra: the sweetest, most partnering voice in the zodiac wanting to love and be included in everything you’re doing. Standing opposite the Sun is the the (full) moon in Aries: the most independent, athletic, stand-up voice you could find. Libra is all about sweet harmony and ease while Aries is sweating, working out, and finding purpose in conflict. Can you see how opposite they are?

Apply this thematic full moon to your own life. Do you know the part of you who no doubt wishes you were madly in love, you had a partner who was crazy about you and was writing you a love letter as you’re reading this? Do you want love?

Do you identify more with the other part of you—the part that just loves your freedom, hopes to never get tied down, and believes what Bob Dylan (my birthday twin) said: “You can never be wise and be in love at the same time”? Do you avoid commitment or tell yourself, “it's ok, you just can't find the ‘right’ person”?

This is the ultimate choice/duality in our world. Do I stay partnered? Am I willing to dance with another learning about conflict and/or true love—trying to work out all our differences? Or do I just say: I can do this life alone without the constraint of an ‘other’?

Everyone has this choice. If you have settled for less than a passionate true love or if you have given up…or if you scored and found your soulmate: this full moon begs the question: how am I doing in the arena that matters most (second only to parenting): LOVE?

How are you at love? Are you open, are you longing, shut down or settling? Only you know, but his full moon is asking for you to reflect. The theme is love and the endless variations therein.

How do you do love? What is your inner dialogue about it? And can I inspire you to believe that for every pot there is a lid...for everyone there is, there are two? Don't give up. Look up and find your faith that love is all that matters.

Blessings, Debra

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