New Moon in Virgo

From August 23 to September 22, the Sun is in Virgo, and this weekend (September 9, 2018) brings a Virgo New Moon, which means the Sun and Moon are both in the sign of Virgo.

Virgo in the heavens sets us up for a time of reflection, letting go and reevaluating what practices we want to do to set ourselves up for growing into success.

In North America it is fall; on the other side of the world spring is springing. In the Jewish Calendar, the new year is just arriving. For all of us, it is an auspicious time to review and let go of what doesn’t work. A new cycle is arriving.

Virgo is a sign that compels us to want to serve and to refine our expression at every level. At worst, it is the part of us that criticizes—all in the name of growth and evolution, and it can be harsh. Virgo looks in the mirror and sees the blemish, or the lines, the mark on your body that you wish wasn’t there. Instead of going past the outer and focusing on the inner, it gets stuck on what’s ‘wrong’.

The only medicine for Virgo—that works every time—is to exchange the ever-knowing critic for kindness and love.

Think Mother Teresa (who was a Virgo). Her job was to serve the people on the streets of India, without being distracted by the way they looked or the pain they carried—to just love and be kind to whoever needed her help—from orphanages to the lepers. She just gave.

This is the Virgo impulse: to give. What can you do/give/offer to your own psyche as medicine for the parts of you you judge or wish were different?

We are a yoga appropriate that we start with the body. What if you were kind and offered love to the body parts you didn’t like? Be kind as you look in the mirror at your thighs, your arms, your face...

Just this one exercise is a Virgo opportunity to exchange the critic for kindness. This is the answer to every mean thought you have. Just try during this season to start again—to be drenched in kindness.

I know it sounds fake at first, or it feels inauthentic, but I promise if you make a practice of kindness, everything will change. The whole world would change if we could muster up the ability to quiet the critic and make loud the voice of kindness and sweetness.

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” -- Dalai Lama

Let’s use this Virgo month to transform the critic into a voice of healing and softness. Tell us how it goes. I’d love hear about the changes this can illicit.

A happy Virgo is one who knows how to love before she tells you what to do different. Love must always comes first in order to change this world to a kind one.

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