Full Moon in Cancer

Here comes Christmas: the holiday that sings praises to the Christ energy. I may be Jewish, but so was he. None of us are excluded from the spirit of this mythical time. This holiday has the potential to share the deepest current of love known to humans: God’s love—if we just look at the story, the myth of love and pain.

There was a being, his mother and his lover who loved God so much he sacrificed his life as an example that someone could show up with that much light, the gift of healing, and incredible power of love—at least that’s how that story goes. He was such a light that people couldn’t handle his love, so they attacked him, rejected him, and killed him.

This is the theme of this month’s full moon: it’s lonely up at the top. If you excel, you are set up for attack. It even goes with Buddhism as they say: if you see the Buddha on the road—kill him.

This attacking pattern happens to Capricorns, or anyone who is excellent beyond measure. Capricorn is the part in all of us that excels and stands out. They are ‘the best’. They receive scholarships, awards, the role of captain or president, and they end up in the Olympics as superstars.

I can site several people who I know who are the best at what they do—and they know it—and they have to pay the price. It is lonely at the top.

By definition of being outstanding, you stand apart. You are noticed as being different—not for being ‘weird’—but for being so good at what you do. Over time, you begin to feel self-conscious, like the man who told me in a reading—he realized he ran too fast when he was in middle school, and would run slowly at first so to not set the bar too high. He slowed down on purpose.

My dad had this quality. He was a Capricorn. He had the uncanny ability to do math in his head, which had him identified in high school (back in the 40’s) as a genius. Honestly, it did him no good: he was so smart, he was separated from his peers.

He was a genius and called me and his kids dumb when we were growing up young because we just could not follow him as he tried to teach us high school math (my worst topic). He didn’t understand us slowpokes and had us all feeling very inadequate.

You may think you wish you had a genius. So many clients have come to me and said: “I wish I knew what my purpose was.” It’s not that complicated.

Your gifts are not opaque: they are simple: do you love your family, your dog and would do anything for them? (Water) Do you love to clean, help others and serve? And do it naturally without even trying? (Earth) Do you find it so easy to study astrology and watch the videos we share every day and want everyone to study with you? (Air). Do you love to celebrate, bring the wine and turn up the music? You are full of energy all the time? (Fire)

You each carry a natural genius—it may not be like my dad the brainiac, or the speed-demon runner, yet I promise you there is something that hovers in your heart that you do so easily, you have ignored its significance.

I watch some moms with their kids and I think: I wish I had that patience. I watch some clean their kitchen or cook and I think: wow they make that look so easy. Sure I can open my mouth and string words together that you think are poignant—but really I am just relaxing into my most natural ability.

I have never been good at holidays. I hate when society tells me what to do. But I do love the opportunity here in our newsletter to tell you during the full moon in Capricorn/Cancer, your love for your family is enough. LOVE them, let that be your genius: tell them at dinner you want to share the gifts you see they have that they may take for granted.

I love to write Christmas cards. I love to give bonuses to my team and share the wealth and presents. I love the idea of family dinners—whether it’s society dictating or not. I give my all to whomever I am with.

Christ energy is all about devotion. Devotion is to love the sacred: to light candles, to pray, to get on our knees and stop time to either give thanks or ask for help. I am on my knees this Capricorn season saying thank you for reading this and caring to share in my heart.

This is the season to be excellent in the most simplest of ways: excelling in what it is you do naturally.

Blessings, Debra

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